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Science project

David schindler

Muneeb Khan

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Science project

David Schindler David Schindler
1940 - Present David Schindler was born in August, 3, 1940 in Fargo, North Dakota but he spent most of his childhood life in Minnesota. He has dual citizenship in Canada and in USA. David Schindler became a Canadian/American limnologist at the age of 24. He had studied at North Dakota state university and later on he studied Aquatic ecology at Oxford University. In case you dont know, a limnologist is a person who studies inland water. David Schindler has contributed a lot for the past 5 decades. During those past 5 decades, David Schindler researched about the effects of euthrophication,acid rain,radio active chemicals and climate change on boreal systems. In case you don't know, euthrophication is the addition of artificial and natural substances (Ex. Fertilizer) This is one of David Schindlers location at where he was researching. This place is at Alberta at the Athabasca River. David Schindler did not invent anything for science, instead he had addressed some problems. He explained most of the problems of euthrophication, acid rain, climate change and biodiversity. Knowing these problems helped the enviromemt dramatically. Mr. Schindler was the first one to announce these problems. David Schindler received many awards. He received a total of 35 of them. With the award, he would receive a lot of money. He used all the money that he earned from awards for experimint equipments etc. So this is my brief explanation of...
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