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Detroit: A City Rising

presentation for distribution

Sara Molnar

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Detroit: A City Rising

A lifelong Detroiter, Jeanette returned after college and launched a career built on championing her hometown and connecting people from throughout the area She isCo-Founder of Inside Detroit, a nonprofit organization she helped start in 2005, which runs a Welcome Center and Information Post and offers tours by foot, bus, van, and Segway. Detroit: WHY? A City Rising Crime Poverty Corruption Detroit: A City Rising Mayor Bing's Detroit, declared dead by some, has had trouble reclaiming its position atop the list of thriving American cities. But a number of renovation projects are becoming the new pulse of Detroit, that is restoring the essence that once made this city great ? but what else do we know? The Detroit News: Bing to cops: Move to city, get $1,000 home, fix-it funds

WHO? a building located in the Midtown area of Detroit The Green Garage: a business enterprise a community of people dedicated to Detroit's sustainable future. The Spaulding Court Apartments Spaulding Court is located on Rosa Parks Blvd, a bus and cycling route, in the northern end of the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit Renovations will be done in order to create low-income housing Good tenants will increase the security of the area
Slows BBQ Avalon Bakery Le Petit Zinc Cafe Georgia Street Community Center Success Burton Theatre Sean Doerr buildingsofdetroit.com photographer for "Lost Detroit" detroit resident Jeanette Pierce Austin Black Mayor Bing Residents of Detroit Jeanette Pierce is the 2010 Dave Bing Future Leader Award winner. Why do this? Detroit: A City Rising will show... renovations rebirth and renewal growth potentional young entrepreneurs residents of detroit potential homeowners urban residents across the nation the doubters
(across the nation) prospective businesses timeliness unique ways to Why air this? educate people on how to change their community Timely mayor bing detroit's story echoes across the nation documents a movement prominent city Creative funding strategies rebuild a city Audi ence Detroit, Michigan history talent
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