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Great Plains Indians Lesson Plan

No description

Ashley Kelley

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Great Plains Indians Lesson Plan

The Indians of the Great Plains Lesson Plan What Will We Achieve? How Will The Students Be Assessed? Their Very Own Pictographs: Day 1 Let's Make Some Art! Their Very Own Pictographs: Day 2 Students will be assessed with a "plus, check, minus" system
Categories to be assessed on: expressiveness, originality, presentation, and interpretation
Questions to be asked: How do these stories express emotions? What emotion does your pictograph represent? How can you relate to the Indians who created this way to communicate through artwork? What did you learn about the Great Plains Indians living? Let's Make Some Art! "Recognize and describe that people create art and art objects to communicate ideas and serve different purposes"

"Invent imagery and symbols to express thoughts and feelings"

"Explain how personal interests and experiences are reflected in the subject matter of artworks" How Will I Get Interested? Content Standards Ask students what they know about Native Americans
Explain the importance of Native Americans to our culture- Thanksgiving
Read "The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush"
Describe pictographs- why and how the Great Plains Indians used them
Show photos of real Indian pictographs and Great Plains Indians lifestyle
Symbols Worksheet- students will figure out what stories are being told through the symbols given
Teacher will explain the students personal pictographs that they will be making in class Students will use brown paper bags ("buffalo hide"), paints, and paintbrushes to create their own pictographs
Students will use a significant personal experience to create a story
Students will create their own symbols- will have an enlarged example in front of class room to refer to
Students will paint with multiple colors to make their personal story come to life in the form of symbols Let's Make Some Art! Their Own Pictographs: Day 3 Students will finish up pictographs
Students will clean everything up and have a seat on the carpet
Students will one-by-one present their pictographs to the class while explaining their pictograph story and the feelings/emotions behind it. Also, students will explain why they chose certain symbols
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