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Importance of Geneva and Ingolstadt in Frankenstein

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Tracee Abeita

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Importance of Geneva and Ingolstadt in Frankenstein

Naples, Italy
As Victor and his family travel to Geneva they stop in Lake Como.
Lake Como, Italy
Here is where the Frankenstein's meet Elizabeth and her family. This is also where the family adopts Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Lavenza
Geography in
: Victor Frankenstein's Perspective

Tracee Abeita-Torres
Introduction/ Thesis
, the readers are able to recognize that place has a prominent role in the novel. Looking through the perspective of Victor Frankenstein, we will be looking at a few places more in depth to see how they have shaped the life of Frankenstein.
This is the birthplace of Victor Frankenstein.
Geneva is the place where Frankenstein and his family live. Here we are introduce to the character, Henry Clerval.
Background on Geneva

Geneva is a city with a lot to offer especially since it has to do with a lot of philosophy​. ​Many of Frankenstein’s family has a very philosophical way at looking at thing, especially his friend Elizabeth Lavenza ​.​
As for Victor himself he has been always intrigued by the nature and science behind things.​

When Victor was seventeen his parents told him that he should become a student at the University of Ingolstadt. The University, as well as the city itself, was centered around “humanistic, scientific, theology,
law, and medicine” (Knarf) ​.​
Living in Geneva influenced Frankenstein for most of his life, but when he moved to Ingolstadt he could really explore what he had witnessed the night of the lightning striking the tree. In Ingolstadt the reader knows this is where Frankenstein made the creature.
There are more places that Victor Frankenstein went to throughout the book such as Mont Blanc and England. For the towns that we took a deeper look into I think they are the ones that contributed to most of Victor Frankenstein's perspectives.
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