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No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of kages

chapter 1
chapters 4-5

chapters 6-7
In chapters 6-7 frankie and them were thrown into jail for crossing the bridge. They go to the box cars and frances meets someone there.they are now in west Philadelphia at this point. In order to look just like a boy frances has to cut all of her hair off. They met this kid named blink and he is missing an eye because of a train accident.
chapters 8-10
Frankie had to use the restroom but she didn't want Stew pot to find out that she was a girl. When Frankie went to the river she saw three other hobo's walking along the bank shore. Frankie wasn't to sure what to expect in the real life jungle. That very night when she went to sleep and then woke up in the morning her bag was missing. Stew pot found it behind some bushes. But when Frankie was going threw it she couldn't find any of here prize possessions.
chapters 11-13
they were almost out of Pittsburgh at this time now. They wanted to go see Montana's beautiful sites. Before that they got onto a reefer train box car. While they were riding that they had some cups of misery some sand and some jam. After blink had stloe her bag and rummaged through it Frankie asked Stew pot what had happened to blinks eye. He said was riding on the top of a train on a warm down and a peice of the engine came flying back and hit him straight in the eye.
chapters 14-16
At this point they are now in Cincinnati. Its freezing here. There is snow just covering the whole entire ground. While they were walking they knocked on a house and asked if they were able to clean anything up for a little food. The lady said yes. So they were sent off to shovel off the front porch. Frankie was inside and got her a new pair of pants. After they ate they were sent to the wash room to wash up, thats when frankie realized she didnt want to leave.
By: Kage Spaulding
Nowhere To Call Home
chapters 2-3
This other hobo seemed to be nice. So I introduced myself to him. As we progressed throughout our journey I saw a store, and the funny thing was is that it was a clothes store and I really needed clothes badly.

In chapter 1 we meet frankie and her father. Her father ha gotten really sick and he workers had to put him down.
After father died the kids frankie anad junius had to leave for chicago that very next day. They started using the words hobos and tramps. bere they left the banker comes to close the house up.
They started to ride in taxi's . After that they had just started on the trains.
chapters 17-19
chapters 20-26
Frankie and stew pot were jumping trains and one day they jumped one and got caught and were copped. Along with Frankie and stew pot 19 others were arrested also. They went by a way bill and saw a picture. Stew pot at this point in time his pneumonia had come back. He doesn't let Frankie know until she finds out herself.
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