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LSTW Remodeling

No description

Arthur Walsh

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of LSTW Remodeling

Residential Green Building Solutions

Group 10

Arthur Walsh, David Simon,
Andrew Thibodaux, Jordan Lee
Business Description and Vision
Mission Statement
LSTW Remodeling is a construction company that offers green building solutions for your dream interior renovations and outdoor living area.

We postulate that using state of the art technologies developed to attain an appropriate sustainable solution involving an integration of building products and systems to optimize energy consumption. We will set ourselves apart from our competition by attracting both high-end and cost conscious customers that are looking for a company willing to meet the their needs with the utmost diligence and always seek to save the client money.
Products and Services
Interior Division

Outdoor Division

Energy Star Appliances and Fixtures
Advanced Automation and Wiring
HVAC-Efficient Cooling and Heating
Indoor Air Quality
Insulation Systems
Moisture control
Efficient Appliances and Fixtures
Energy Star is the government backed symbol for energy efficiency. It identifies the types of products and services that meet strict guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and DOE.
Energy Star dishwasher, refrigerator, clothes washer
Induction cooktops- (heats pot, not surface)
Automation and Advanced Wiring
Structured wiring for central control
of integrated entertainment systems
Automated lighting
Security Systems
Whole house wireless networking
Energy management control system
Programmable Thermostats
Programmable Thermostat
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the proper use of a programmable thermostat can cut heating and cooling bills by from 5 to 20 percent.

Example: Nest Learning Thermostat
The company was founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers in 2010
Auto-Schedule - Nest remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself in about a week
Auto-Away - Nest saves energy by automatically turning itself down when you're away from the house
Control From Anywhere- Connect Nest to Wi-Fi to control it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet and keeps a log of your energy history
Auto-Tune- Rush Hour Rewards takes advantage of energy company incentives that pay you to use less energy when everyone else is using more. Seasonal Savings takes everything Nest has learned about you and automatically fine-tunes Nest’s schedule to save energy, without sacrificing comfort.
Compatibility with 95 percent of low-voltage home HVAC systems
HVAC Efficient Cooling and Heating
Energy conservation, indoor air quality, and comfort are among the core green building issues encompassed by heating, air-conditioning and ventilation design. These interrelated systems can be complex, expensive to install,but green building also offers many opportunities to simplify and save:
According to the EPA, replacing components of a less efficient HVAC system typically cuts energy costs by about 20 percent.
System is sized appropriately for actual home needs. Reduced heating bills and protects air quality.
Specify high efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units
Make sure ducts are sized appropriately for actual room needs and adequately sealed and insulated.
Louisiana Utility Rebate Programs (Entergy New Orleans)
Lighting for Energy Savings
Although compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are initially more expensive, you should come out way ahead on your investment. CFLs last about 8x longer and use 70 watts less energy. On average, each bulb can save more than $30 in electricity costs over its lifetime
Are more expensive than flourescents but last much longer offering the same energy and heat saving
Motion sensors
Sky Lights
Seek and Seal Leaks
Installing outlet and switch gaskets, expanding foam sealants, weather stripping, door thresholds and caulking offer energy and money savings, increase comfort, lower indoor humidity, fewer pests, less pollen and protection from wind-driven water leaks.
Use sunlight to your advantage and choose window treatments that allow use of natural light which reducing heat loss and gain.
When replacing windows, choose insulated glass with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC of .27 or lower).
Air tight and resist heat flow a U-value of .60 is adequate for this climate and .35 or lower is recommended
Consider factors such as your climate, home design, and budget when selecting insulation for your home.
Use higher R-value insulation, such as spray foam, on exterior walls and in cathedral ceilings to get more insulation with less thickness.
Install attic air barriers such as wind baffles along the entire attic eave to help ensure proper airflow from the soffit to the attic.
You should consider attic or roof radiant barriers (in hot climates), reflective insulation, and foundation insulation for new home construction. Check with your contractor for more information about these options.
Whole-house Design & Energy Audit
Patios and Decks
Outdoor Kitchen Appliances
Outdoor Electronics
Solar and Renewable Energy
Pools and Landscaping
Irrigation and Water Conservation
Storm Resistance
Definition of Market
Organization and Management
We offer wood decks, concrete slabs, and brick patios.
We provide a wide range of grills and outdoor kitchen supplys to satisfy any taste.

A top of the line entertainment system can make or break a patio. We can provide and install an all inclusive system with easy to use controls.
The use of solar panels have money savings that can make a significant difference in your monthly bills.

Example: using energy to run hot water heater…
At LSTW we are always striving to lead the energy saving charge and to stay abreast of all new technologies. One way we are doing this is through our use of solar panels.
Solar Panels
Solar Panel Savings
We build and finish swimming pools to complete the outdoor living experience. We own our equipment and design your pool to suit your needs.
Swimming Pools
LSTW has found a inventive new way to utilize rain water.
The excess from the gutters is routed into a holding tank and saved for use in landscape irrigation.
Water Conservation
LSTW makes a effort to make all our homes storm resistant. We use storm shutters, garage doors that are reinforced and designed to handle hurricane force loads.
Storm Resistance
At LSTW we specialize in the design and building of your entire back yard living, cooking, and entertaining area from the patio to the pool.
Heating and cooling account for almost half the energy use in new homes.
Louisiana Workforce Commission projects jobs in the Southeast Louisiana will grow 1.3% annually through 2020.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has recorded slow but steady growth from 2010-2012 in the Housing market.
Home building is increasing in the three primary sectors: single-family, multifamily and remodeling.
NAHB is predicting a 2.4% increase in 2013 and a 1.7% increase in 2014 relative to remodeling spending for owner-occupied housing.
NAHB is also recording a constant upward trend in kitchen and bath renovations.
LSTW plans to promote our products and services in magazines, social media campaigns, local races, charity events, recreational parks, and local newspapers.
We believe through theses channels of advertisement we will effectively reach our target market and help set us apart from the competition.
Sales Strategy
Although the housing market seems to be steady out and the remodeling market seems to growing we need to offer different products and services in order to successfully break into the market.
We have 3 different products sets that can appeal to 3 different age groups.
Perceived Product Acceptance based on Age Groups
Energy Efficiency

Universal Design
Outdoor Areas
Energy Efficiency
niversal Design
Outdoor Areas
Typically well educated and realizes the importance of saving money and taking care of the environment. Willing to invest in long term savings and take advantage of tax breaks.
Knows Importance of saving money where you can long term. Willing to invest in outdoor leisure areas. Aware of lack of functionality in homes
Need for easily accessible kitchens and bathrooms through specific design methodologies.
Open floor concepts for mobility.
Product and Customer
Target Market
Marketing and Sales
Code of Ethics
It is LSTW’s policy to maintain the highest ethical standards and comply with all
applicable laws and regulations of the United States. We believe that adherence
to this policy will ensure our continued success and in order to maintain our
commitment to integrity, we have established this Code of Ethical Conduct. As an
employee, you are expected to read both the Code and the Program and fully comply
with them. Integrity is your personal responsibility. An employee who becomes
aware of any unethical or illegal act of the company or any of its employees must
report that violation immediately to the CEO, Project Manager, or the Corporate
Ethics Officer.
Energy Audit
Commonly known as infrared scanning which detects thermal defects and air leakage in building envelopes.
Thermographic Inspections
Determining Air Tightness
1-Blower Door Test
2-PFT Air Infiltration Measurement Technique
Measure air infiltration and leakage.
Remodeling an existing home may be one of the most environmentally resource efficient actions that a homeowner can take. Green remodeling offers a cost effective opportunity to reduce home energy demand and maintenance costs, while increasing occupant comfort and indoor air quality. In addition, green remodeling uses materials and resources more efficiently, when compared to new construction.
Help Determine where a house is losing energy and money by checking for leaks, examining insulation and inspecting the furnace and ductwork
is the sum of every experience a customer has with us, from our logo to our website to the way we talk about our business. We work hard to build a unique, trusted, and respected brand. Along with our people, it’s our most valuable asset.
We promote our brand through
Word of mouth
Client referrals
Social Media
At LSTW we strive to establish our own
Business Description and Vision
Programmable Thermostat
Saving Energy
Universal Design
Outdoor Areas

Products and Services

Energy Efficiency
Air Sealing

Interior Remodeling


% of Total Workload
Why now?
Floor Plans
Ceiling Fans
Thank You
Any Questions?
Got Ethics?
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