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Tamar Dasse

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Who's Coming? Biodiversity: 193 countries
5181 people from each country Morals and Ethics: World Population goal: 500,000,000 people
Ages higher than 20 years old and lower than 55 years old
After first generation death at 80 years old
Population samples based on intellect
Human testing (cryogenics and enzymatic nanotechnology) The Ship Construction (physics): Build a large space station to build the spacecraft
Drop down tether (carbon nanotubes) to earth, secure, reinforce - elevator for supplies and people
Start the construction of the ship to the space dock/station Ship Design (physics): Bell Curve Introduction of Artificial Gravity: Start - 500 years in artificial gravity is going near normal G
500- 2,000 years in gravity lessens according to the model
2,000 - 38,000 years in gravity is only a slight fraction of what a G is
38,000 - 39,500 years in gravity increases according to the model
39,500 - 40,000 years in gravity, we will adjust the gravity to that of a full G Power systems: Nuclear
Hydrogen fuel cells
Solar Recycling (air, water, waste, materials, humans): Using chemical scrubbing to remove impurities, and then send off excess to where its needed Asteroid mining: Magnetic rakes Strip mining
Tungsten Collect from comets: For volatile materials in extinct comets, heat can be used to melt and vaporize the matrix for collection Necessities Species preservation: Animal genetic extraction
Preserving genes, DNA, and embryos of as many animals as possible Artificial food chain/web Recycling (air, water, waste, materials, humans) Living Conditions: Human Adaptations Disease Antibodies and antigens Stem cells Mental conditioning with control group Gene transfer Bell curve adaption for environment In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) Help us Help you Biotechnology The application of biological organisms to develop useful products that increase the efficiency of various processes Enzymatic nanotechnology (metabolism) Nanotechnology Robotics
Small scale mining
Enzymatic nanotechnology (ex: metabolism control)
Self-replicating machines Gas Extraction: Agriculture in Space: Photosynthesis and plants Adjusting genetics for artificial light (plants) Gene transfer of a certain animal gene that is specified to light Recycling dead Using the dead bodies for nutrients, water, plant fertilization, element extraction
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