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O.Henry's Works

By: Peyton Burdette Mrs. Smith Period 1

Peyton Burdette

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of O.Henry's Works

By: Peyton Burdette A little about O.Henry! The Purple Dress
(: The Purple dress (Continued) http://www.helium.com/items/2240280-short-story-reviews-the-purple-dress-by-o-henry Did you know O.Henry is NOT O.Henry's real name?
His real name is William Sydney Porter! He was arrested for stealing $4000!!! He got out of jail after 3 years and changed his name to O.Henry and then became a very successful writer! Also, He wrote more stories than The Gift of the Magi! Yes, it's true! There's stories like A Departmental Case to A Gold That Glittered and many more! But my favorite would defiantly be The Purple Dress! The Purple Dress is very similar to The Gift of the Magi. The Purple Dress is about two single women who are clerks in a small store which sells accessories. They discuss the shades of red and purple and why each likes them. Maida loves purple. She is having a tailor sew a dress in that color. Grace, the other clerk loves red and is having a red dress tailored.The occasion they are getting a dress for is the store's annual Thanksgiving dinner for its employees, given by the owner, Mr. Bachman. Only 1 single man works at the shop and all the women try to "impress" him at the party. When the two girls return to their apartment, Maida happily goes into her room and retrieves the payment for the dressmaker. When she is about leave she finds her friend in tears. Summary and References Ohenry's Works! The landlady is threatening to kick Grace out unless she can pay her rent: the exact amount of money Maida has in her hand. Sadly, she hands over her precious dress money to help her friend. The night of the party, Maida goes to see the dressmaker and explains why she can't pay. But he gives the dress to her anyway! He asks her only to pay when she can. Overjoyed, she changes into her purple dress right away and starts home turning the corner, who does she see but Mr. Ramsay on her way and they end up having a good time! So after all she was able to visit her " special" someone and help her friend out! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Although, O. Henry has LOADS of other stories, The Purple Dress would definitely be my personal favorite! It demonstrates kindness, joy, willingness, and of course, friendship! The fact that Maida was willing to give up her dress money for her friend, touches my heart in many ways! The Purple Dress Written by O.Henry Compare\ Contrast The Purple Dress and The gift of the Magi have lots in common! They each have symbols, for example, the cat in the Gift of the Magi and the Red dress in The Purple Dress, but, also both stories has people giving up something they love for someone they love and not wanting anything in return. This starts to make me think that maybe O.Henry was a kind person who wanting everything for the best even if it didn't always turn out that way(; The Gift of the Magi Written by O.Henry Hope you enjoyed!
Merry Christmas!
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