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Persian Carpet

No description

Raeana Samuel

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Persian Carpet

Hanan Shaykh The Persian Carpet
Literary Elements Lebanon (Hanan is Lebanese)
hot and humid
mostly sunny
house with two lions on columns of red sandstone
Persian Carpet Setting Hanan- shy; introverted; not in control of her emotions
Hanan's sister- outgoing, extroverted, spontaneous
Maryam- narrator's aunt, liked the mother, lived with the narrator, loyal to mother
Ilya- partially blind, older man, fixes chairs, very skilled
Hanan's mother- divorced, lied, cautious about daughter knowing the truth, loves her kids
Hanan's father- protective, prideful, strong in his belief, religious man
Umm Fouad and Abu Salman- neighbours, accused of stealing of carpet
Mahmoud- mother's new husband Characterization Round Characters
Hanan's mother

Flat Characters
Hanan's sister
Hanan's father
Umm Fouad and Abu Salman
Mahmoud Types of Characters 1. Person vs. Self
2. Person vs. Person
3. Person vs. Society Plot Hanan
o The narrator always tries to predetermine an emotion for situations that she is put into.
o Always ends up retreating back to her introverted nature.
o Resolution: 1. Person vs. Self Hanan vs. Mother
o Hanan has conflicted feelings towards her mother
o Mother is trying to cover up the fast and all the things she has done (including betraying the father by cheating and the community by blaming Ilya for the missing carpet)
o Resolution:

Mother vs. Father
o Argued for a great deal of the marriage
o Arranged marriage mother loved Mahmoud had to marry father, lead to resentment
o Resolution: 2. Person vs. Person Ilya vs. Community
o Goes around fixing chairs because there is no other job that he can have due to his poor vision
o Accused of stealing and because he is poor no one stands up for him
o Resolution: 3. Person vs. Society When people are unhappy with their current situation, they resort to ruthless behaviour.
They can become cruel, selfish and begin lying.
Portrayed by the Hanan's mother in the story.
trapped in marriage
lied about not knowing where the carpet went
blamed Ilya who was physically incapble of stealing it
did it to take attention away from her Theme Persian Carpet
"this particular carpet, though, had disappeared several months before my mother was divorced"
mother's loyalty
change in narrator's views of mother (climax) Symbol Participant POV/ first person
the narrator is telling the story and is a major character Point- of- View ironic
loves her mother but does not agree with her actions at the same time
thinking of Ilya and how kind he was and why her mother would do something so terrible
thinking of her mother and father and how they fought Tone/ Attitude/ Effect Maryam (narrator's aunt) is combing the girls' hair while their father prayers in another room. She is taking them to see their divorced mother secretly. The narrator is deciding how to approach her mother when she sees her. She feels she is control of her emotions, unlike her sister. She wants to fling herself at her and embrace her, but feels she will revert to her usual shy tendancies. When they arrived at the house Hanan could not control her emotions and ran to her mother. She hugged her, not moving and wished she would come back. Hanan begins to think of the dark memories of the divorce. Inside the house, Hanan recognized the Persian carpet on the floor of the main room. It used to be in their house when her parents were married. This particular carpet went missing 7 months, before the divorce. Hanan's parents were furious and questioned all the neighbours. They all denied ever touching the carpet. Her mother said, "Ilya!" This surprised everyone because, Ilya was an old, partially blind man that mended chairs. Hanan's parents were convinced that Ilya had taken the carpet. No one stood up him and he eventually left the house and was never seen again. The Persian Carpet
Hanan Shaykh
Summary Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution
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