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Sleepover Stakeout

Book Talk for Mrs.Branscombe

Eileen T

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Sleepover Stakeout

My Book Talk! Author Kim Harrington This story takes place in
Danville.The places in Danville are:
the Danville school , Maya, Darcy and Norah houses, and the Java Lamp- a coffee shop. Where does this story take place? When is this story taking place? This story is about 3 girls named Norah, Darcy and Fiona who created a detective agency called 'Partners in Crime' for fun. No one thought that they would actually get a crime!

A new girl named Maya has been hearing strange, crackling voices coming from her baby brother's baby monitor late at night every Saturday. Norah, Darcy and Fiona have a sleepover at Maya's house on Saturday to investigate. As they were all about to go to sleep this is what they heard coming from the baby monitor:
"Come.....on....this....thing...please....help me..."
"Please....is anyone out there?" crackle hiss "I'm hurt"
At first they thought it was a trick, but then they decide to split up and search outside- what if it was real? Norah goes into the woods near Maya's house, and hears something...or someone....
It sounded like someone was saying "Help...."
Summary BY: Eileen Tang! THE TITLE OF MY BOOK IS........ Kim Harrington is the author of the Clarity series for teens. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son.some of her hobbies are reading, writing, and watching TV.Clarity, her first book,was optioned for television by Warner Brothers. Her favorite things
Food - pizza
Color – purple
Word – incredulous
Band – Interpol
Dessert – yellow birthday cake with traditional icing THIS IS PURPLE....

just in case you didn't realize
Random Facts:
- She is a lefty
- Her mother is from Ireland
- She loves the smell of coffee, though she
hates the taste
- She starts every morning with a can of Coke.
- She doesn't eat seafood
- she loves to drink Shirley Temples.
- She am the pickiest eater on the planet. Better remember these..... well.... AT LEAST one This story takes place from Friday to Sunday. The story didn't say what year or month. My Favourite Character My favourite character is Norah. I like Norah because she is brave, nice and wears glasses- like me!
She is brave because she was the only one who offered to search through the woods to find out what made the sounds coming through the baby monitor. She is nice beacuse she was the one who agreed to help Maya and she included her in Partners in Crime.
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