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welcome to California

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of welcome to California

You can take tours of the Kennedy gold mine. After gold was descovered in California in
1848 people wanted to find out if gold
was hidden in other places too.
welcome to California

Disneyland is in Aniheim, CA
disneyland is the most fun place ever
disneyland has a ship and it has a lot of fun and awsome things that you can do.

10 fun facts about the state are....
The state tree is the califronia redwood.
The state bird is the california quai.
The population is 3.80.4 million people.
They fand gold in the ground.
Made gold in gold rush in (1848-1855 began on january 24,1848.
The gold was found by james w.marshall at sutter's mill.
they have million of gold under the gound still.
California is the USA's most populous state with almost 40,000,000 people,
more than Canada as of 2008
one of eight united states people lives here.

Disney land
the capital is sacrament state abbrevlation is:CA governor: is jerry brown (democrat) dianne feinstin (democrat) u.s.representatives:53 democrats: 38
Kennedy Gold Mine
Jackson, CA
Califorina is a state located on the west coast of the united states and is the third largest state by area.

There are a lot of beaches,
There are also mountains.
Sacremento, CA
sacremento is the capital
California has a lot of tourism because of places like Disneyland, beaches, and mountains.
There is a lot of farming: milk, cream, grapes, cotton, carrots, onions, broccoli, flowers, oranges, rice, hay, tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, almonds, and asparagus.
1769 The first Spanish mission is established at San Diego
1822 California comes under Mexican rule
1850 California becomes the 31st state
1906 A great earthquake and fire wreak havoc in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge is opened in 1936.
this is the state song
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