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My Chemical Romance

No description

Vanessa P

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of My Chemical Romance

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
The Black Parade
Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Conventional Weapons
May Death Never Stop You
Solo Works
Brief History
The Break Up
On March 22, 2013. My Chemical Romance had decided their time being a band had come to an end. Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Frank had decided to part and go their own ways. Nothing happened between the band, they just felt like their time as a band has expired.
My Chemical Romance is a New Jersey based band that was formed in 2001. It started when Gerard Way witnessed the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11 on his way to pitch an idea to Cartoon Network. Gerard decided he was going to change his life around. He decided he wanted to form a band, so calling everyone he knew up, he found Matt Pelissier. He found Ray Toro through a friend named Shawn. A few months later his brother Mikey Way joined the band. Mikey was the one who had come up with the band name 'My Chemical Romance'. During the making of their first album, they met Frank Iero.
Frank Iero
Ray Toro
Mikey Way
Matt Pelissier & Bob Bryar
Style and Musical Influences
My Chemical Romance doesn't really fit under one specific genre of music but some may consider them as punk rock. Although they are very theatrical, they consider themselves a good old rock band.
Some of their musical influences are:
The Smiths and Morrissey
The Smashin Pumpkins
David Bowie
Iron Maiden
Radio Head
The Misfits
Black Flag
Released July 23, 2002
First album recorded by the band
Produced by Geoff Rickley of the band Thursday
Recorded in a basement
Sighned to Eyebal Records
Released June 8, 2004
Officially signed to Reprise Records
Recorded in an official studio
Released in 2006
Most successful and popular album
33 years old, born on October 31, 1981
has more of a punk rock style
plays rhythm guitar
Both were drummers for My Chem at one point. Matt was the fist drummer who played with them until 2004. After Matt left they found Bob who played with the band until 2010. Bob was with the band the longest and was one of the better drummers My Chem has had.
37 years old, born on July 15th, 1977.
played guitar since he was a child
plays more of a metal style
his main influences are Brai May and Randy Rhoads
plays lead guitar
Gerard Way's solo album "Hesitant Alien" came
out September 29, 2014. Gerard has always had a love for brit pop and wanted his first solo album to reflect that.
Frank Iero's new band Frnkiero andthe Cellabration's new album came out on August 26, 2014. All songs were written and recorded by Frank in his basement.
His solo album is filled with fast and great pop punk songs. Frank Ieor has also formed a band named Leathermouth during 2009 while he was still in My Chem and he also did Death Spells shortly after the break up but he only played a couple of shows. I am going to see him live in February with my friend :)
Bullets has strong punk rock, hardcore punk and metal influences all throughout the album. The story behind this album is about two lovers who eventually get shot and die together in the middle of the desert.
The story behind this punk rock album is about
a man, a woman, and the corpes of a thousand evil men. Tracks like "Hang 'em High" include backing vocals of Keith Morris Former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman. "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" include guest vocals of Bert McCracken of The Used. Their hit song "I'm Not Okay (I Promise) was named number one summer jam of all time. It wasn't until this album was released until they got mainstream.
The Black Parade is a theatrical rock album about the life of a cancer patient who realizes he's going to die and how the patient deals with the fact he is going to die of this disease. Their song "Mama" includes guest vocals of Liza Minnelli.

Danger Days takes place in 2019 and it tells a story about rebels that fight against a company called Better living Industries that tries to make everyone the same.
Here is a video of Ray plating a guitar solo...
Raymond (Ray) Toro is of Poerto Rican and Porgeuse heritage, but he grew up in Belleville New Jersey like the rest of the band. He grew up listening to Iron Maiden and Matalica, along with other metal and rock bands. Brian May and Randy Rhoads are his biggest influences. In his early years he was in a band called The Rodneys. Instead of playing guitar he was the singer. It wasn't until his friend Shawn Dillon introduced him to Gerard where he later became one of the co-founders of My Chemical Romance.
The Wilshire Phant-O-Matic
The Wilshire Phant-O-Matic is a guitar designed by Frank Iero when he did a collaboration with Epiphone.
The Stats
The "MCR Explosion"
Michael (Mikey) James Way
34 years old
Born on Septeber 10th 1980
Played bass since he was 14
47 My Chem albums were sold every hour over the bands 12 year career.
They have had 5 drummers since the band first formed. (thats like 18 less than Spinal Tap! woo!)
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge has sold over one million copies in the USA.
1,610,000 copies of The Black Parade were sold in the USA and as of October 2010 has sold 3,000,000 worldwide. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA.
Danger Days has sold over 112,000 copies in he first week and as of February of 2011, over one million copies worldwide.
released November 22, 2010
An Album you can dance to
Great rock album
Frank Iero is half Italian and quarter Polish. He grew up in belleville, New Jersey. Frank came from a musical family. Both his father and grandfather played the drums. Unlike his father and grandfather, he did not want to play the drums, he turned to the guitar. Frank started playing the guitar really young and was playing in small bands at the age of 11. His father and grandfather has had a great influence on him along with Greg Ginn from Black Flag. He was in a band called Pencey Prep when he met My Chem because they were both signed to Eyeball Records.
Mikey Way is the brother of Gerard Way the lead singer. Mikey was the one who came up with the band name "My Chemical Romance". He came up with the name after reading the back of and Irvine Welsh book that said "Three tales of chemical Romance". Mikey would give his brother the band name unless he let him in the band.
After Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was released the band started to pick up popularity and started playing on more televised shows, Award shows and MTV. They eventually started playing bigger venues and their shows weren't shows anymore, they were concerts. The band had gained themselves a huge fanbase.
Conventional Weapons were a series of singles that the band had released before they broke up. They were released throughout 2013. Each set came with two songs.
Finally, after their break up, My Chemical Romance released their greatest hits album "May Death Never Stop You". It was released on March 25, 2014. It included a track that had never been released called "Fake Your Death"
Where they grew up also effected the sound of their music too. They all grew up in a bad area of New Jersey where there was a lot of murders, shootings, drug related crimes and they weren't allowed to play outside after a certain hour when they were kids.
Gerard Way
Gerard Arthur Way
Born April 12, 1977, he is 37 years old
Started singing in elementary school plays.
Gerard Way was born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey. When Gerard way younger he was really into to comic books and art. He also participated in school plays. He had to move elementary schools due to bullying caused by that. When he moved to his new elementary school he starred as Peter Pan in a school play. He eventually grew up and forgot about singing when he went to University for art. It wasn't until he witnessed 9/11 and realized that that was not what he wanted to do with his life. Instead he wanted to start a band.
Includes the classic double cut away mahogany body, set, slim-taper neck, Alnico classic, classic plus pickups, and on board electronics which really sets it apart from others. It features a 6-position varitone switching system, and it also has a kill switch.
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