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The Development of Bilbo Baggins

No description

Jarred Druzynski

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Development of Bilbo Baggins

The Misty Mountains
Bilbo's Development
Gollum's Cave
Fights Goblins and Wargs
The Hidden Door
much wow
many quest
very hobbit
so dragon
many sting
so eyes
very legs
much spiders
The Lonely Mountain
The Company hires Bilbo as their Burglar
Joining the Company is Bilbo's first step towards his development
Given a goal, Bilbo must now complete it and learn skills along the way
At this point, Bilbo is just starting to develop his moral character
Currently, he prefers the quiet life of a Baggins, but he has the twinges for adventure known to Tooks.
Bilbo has his first job as a burglar.
This shows the development of Bilbo's courage, and how he actually is willing to risk himself for the sake of the quest.
In this, his first test, he is captured along with the dwarfs.
Luck, not courage, is what gets them out of the situation, when the sun comes over the horizon and the trolls turn to stone.
As the story progresses, luck plays less and less of a role (though not completely disappearing) while his courage and wit become more evident.
As the Wargs attack Bilbo and the Company, Thorin is struck down by Azog(1st movie)
Bilbo musters the courage to protect Thorin and ends up saving his life.(1st movie)
This act of courage helps to further solidify Bilbo's developing character.
While searching through the trolls' cave, They came across three swords; Orcrist, Glamdring, and what would soon be named Sting.
Bilbo's obtaining of his sword marks the beginning of his growth as a hero by instilling the ability to defend himself so he may learn to defend others.
Gandalf bestows the role of leadership and protection of the company upon Bilbo even though Thorin guides them through Mirkwood.
This is a huge step up for Bilbo as a member of the group.
Gandalf's confidence in giving Bilbo the role as leader shows to the group that he is a valuable asset to the team and that he has the ability lead and not just follow.

Bilbo and Smaug
The Final Act of Courage
Bilbo confronts his greatest foe, giving him an incredible boost of courage.
All of Bilbo's skills are now put to the test as he faces Smaug
This is when Bilbo finds the magical ring that Gollum had dropped from his pocket.
Bilbo also grows in confidence by using wits to outsmart Gollum in riddles that will either save his life or be his cause of death.
After winning the riddle competition Bilbo is able to follow Gollum to the exit of the mountain and escape unharmed.
Bilbo's confrontation with the spiders marks his final development as a hero.
He finds his courage at last and takes initiative in slaying the spiders.
This is symbolized by the naming of his sword, Sting.
At the secret entrance to Erebor, everyone is discouraged when their search for the door is unfruitful.
Bilbo is the only one who retains hope and patience.
Eventually, under the light of the moon, the keyhole is made clear.
After dealing with Smaug, Bilbo is left with one task, preventing war.
Now a seasoned Burglar and adept wordsmith, Bilbo sneaks away from the dwarfs to speak to the Elvenking and Bard.
He develops a plan in which a peaceful outcome can occur
At this final point, Bilbo has developed into a distinguished and capable individual.
Jarred Druzynski, Aaron Nepomuceno, Martin Quiroga, Jose Vallejo, Sebastian Lopez
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