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Dawson, B-endangered species

No description

Brendan Dawson

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Dawson, B-endangered species

Grizzly Bear Endangered Species Animal Description Facinating Facts Habitat Causes Of Endangerment Diet/Role in Ecosystem Current Conservation Efforts The Grizzly Bear is a very large animal. It is a light color of grey, dark brown, and black. They have long, sharp claws and can run up to 35 mph. The Grizzly is a very interesting animal. It can run up to 35 mph and can kill you with someone with one swipe of paw. Grizzly cubs can climb trees very well and with ease. Grizzlys live in a variety of places around the world. Some Grizzlys live in or nearrivers or streams. Others live in Wyomng, Montana, Alaska, Western Canada, North America, and even the Great Plains. Grizzly bears play an impotant role in the ecosystm. They are predators and prey, and can feed on other bears. The diet of this courageous animal varies from plants to animals. They eat nuts, berries, deer, rodents, cattle, fish, and much more. Grizzlys are endangered because of many things. Some of those reasons are from consistent killing and hunting, consistent threatening, and being prey for other predators. The grizzly bear is very much threatened and enedengered. Some oraganizations help with that such as, the refuge of Grouse Mountain, which is located in Vancouver, and the Khutzey Manteen Grizzly Bear Sancuarywhich is located in British Columbia.
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