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03.03 Who is the Boss-Honors

No description

Tyler Brown

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of 03.03 Who is the Boss-Honors

Entrepreneur Interview
Tyler Brown
Nauture of Business
Fast Food Retail Business
"I've always been entrepreneurial. I enjoy the challenge of running my own business. It is a franchise business; took it over from another individual. It was already in existence. "
Why Start this Business?
Family Owned Business?
Structure of the business is a single proprietorship.

Engaged in a contract with Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Entire family has been involved in working in the business; 36 employees who are non-family members.
Target Market?
Primary target market is middle income, two child families.
Middle income is $30,000-$65,000.
Challenges as a Business Owner?
Hiring and keeping customer-focused employees
Managing increasing food costs.
Growing market share in a competitive market.
What activities do you enjoy outside of running your business?
Spending time with my family
Bow hunting white tail deer
Pros & Cons of Running the Business...
Create own schedule
Ability to hire and fire.
Having the authority to make decisions immediately to positively impact the business.
Having to terminate an employee who has the capability to be successful but is unwilling to do the work to achieve this.
Most Fulfilling about Running your Own Business ?
"Being able to help others grow personally and professionally. Seeing marking initiatives pay off in increased sales."
What lessons have you learned that you would share with other entrepreneurs?
Build all systems around your business vision.
Hire the best possible candidate at all times.
Pass on sub-par candidates.
Look for ways to continually improve the customer experience.
Ensure the product always meets quality standards.
What products does your business sell?
Greater focus on the
total customer experience.
(Threat of competition)
Market location as the
the only DTO in the area.
Hire Tyler (lol)
3905 North Druid Hills Rd
Decatur, Ga 30033
(Originated Here
now has expanded)
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