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Pop Culture

No description

Matthew Toplin

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Pop Culture

Pop Culture of the 1930's
Even though Americans where facing extremely hard times, the 30's where the Radios golden age. Americans could always find time to get together and listen to the radio. The 30's was when popular news stations like CBS and NBC first started. Radios help connect people with and receive information. Each night FDR had fireside chats to inform Americans on his plans and ideas concerning the New Deal.
The 1930's was a time of classics. Many modern day studios took off like Warner Brothers, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, and more! Some movies that came out during the 30s where The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Frankenstein and Mr.Smith goes to Washington.
Literature in the 1930's had a reoccurring theme of choosing main characters to be ordinary working class Americans who were down on their luck. The characters were popular since most people had lost hope in government. One of the most notable authors of this time were John Steinbeck with
The Grapes of Wrath
. One of the major themes was reflected in his novel which was about moving to the promised land to get jobs and all the struggles that come with that,
How Radio changed
In the 20s and 30s radio was popular because it

helped many Americans stay connected. In the 20s radio's lyrics in music described feelings and gave insight to what was happening. This was the same in the 30's but the themes were more about struggles and hardships. The radio soap operas of the 20s became much more popular in the 30s. Radio shows of the 30s were more escapist allowing the public to forget about their problems. 20s radio's popularity rivaled that of movies.
Literature reflects reality
Literature during the 30s reflected what was going on in this country and all of the problems we faced. Themes of the 20's which included lots of uncertainty, questioning and the consequences of actions were changed int the 30s to the actual struggles of the working class.
P.resident FDR found art in the 1930's to be a way of employment. He established many different art programs through the New Deal including The Federal Art Project which was used to paint murals. There was also with the new deal jobs for actors,musicians and also funded national theaters
Themes in movies

Since technology for movies improved in the 30s with the advent of sound the themes of movies had changed. Many reoccuring themes included escapism (which is a major theme in Wizard of Oz) and public distrust of big businesses and government, The themes of realistic movies related to what was going on at the time.
Art becomes employment
Although art was important in the 20's it was even more important during the Depression. It became many people's jobs and it showed our history and celebrating America even during this hard time
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