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Yu-Der Huang

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of THE VIKINGS

THE DARK AGES THE VIKINGS Vikings weren't just raiders, but also:

Settlers Viking Settlements and Raids 800CE- 1100CE Viking Voyages Daily Life Farmed
they used slaves
they used animals like cows
used tools Men
built ships
built weapons
farmed Women
took care of kids
cooked Played Games
The King's Table (Chess) Sports
weightlifting contest
swimming contests Food
fish and other seafood
goat milk
fruits and vegetable
meat viking house viking cooking utensils trade
currency Economy pottery glass precious metals spices silver silk wine jewelry Traded For walrus ivory wood leather fish People paid taxes with:
walrus ivory
mammal oil Traded with cattle too Also traded with and for slaves Leadership Leif Ericson born 979 A.D in Iceland and died in 1020 A.D in Greenland
first Norsemen to settle in Vinland (Now L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland)
outlaw father Eric the Red
also found the Norse colonies in Greenland
had 3 sons Thorgils, Thorgunna, Thorkell Bjorn Ironside also known as Ivar the Boneless
infamous king
bad reputation as a berserker
son of Raynar Lodbrok who ruled some parts of Denmark and Sweden Harald Sigurdsson 1. Bjorn Ironside
2. Leif Ericson
3. Harold Hardrada
also known as Harald Hardrada (hard ruler)
lived from 1015 A.D to 1066 A.D
15, fought in war of Stiklestad
ruled from 1046A.D to 1066 A.D
before being king, was a military commander in Kievan Rus' and Byzantine Empire Art Viking Ship
Drekar The Viking Ship used in many different ways
most useful art known to the Vikings
designed to be slender and flexable Karvi Snekkja Dreakr Torc used for only 6 people
used only on shallow waters
used a lot for fishing used for fishing
used only for 12~16 people
used on shallow waters and also for deep waters most known to people
had a dragon head at the front of the ship to scare enemies
used for attacking other countries and used for traveling far out sea most used and popular jewelery for the Vikings
made of either gold or silver
used for neck jewelery Religion Achievements believed in hundreds of gods and spirits
two main families of gods: Aesir and Vanir Gods and Goddesses Aesir: Thor and Odin Vanir: Freya, Frey, Njord Holidays Jul: Norse new year 1. 2. 3. Thor Odin Freya Thursebolt: start of planting Ostara/Eostre: modern day Easter
Winternights: nights of feasting and divination Lithasbolt: harvest festival Midsummer: longest day of the year trading settling exploring raiding all over Asia and Europe
received: Arab silver, Byzantine silks, Frankish weapons, Rhenish glass, and Anglo-Saxon coins settled in
North America
Greenland first Europeans to land in:
North America
Greenland raided:
Low Countries
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