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Presentation internship Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kigali Rwanda

No description

Koen van Swam

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Presentation internship Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kigali Rwanda

Land of a Thousand Hills Rwanda 1994 Genocide Growing population Increased demand of water resources Changing Climate Limited Integrated Water Resources Management practices The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Kigali Wageningen University and Research center MSc Applied Communication Science International Environmental Policies Social and Ecological Change Application: Ecology and Environment Water Department Water Law
Water Resources Policy
Water Resources Masterplan

Cooperation Erosion and sedimentation Hydropower Agriculture Disaster Management Health Industry Institutions related to Water Resources MINISANTE
Environmental Health Department
Forestry Department
Land Department
Mining Department
Water Department
Water Inter-Ministerial Committee
National Water Consultative Commission "How can the Water Department attain influence and increase efficiency of IWRM practices and policies?" How is Water Resources Management system constructed by water related institutions of the Government of Rwanda? Analysis Collaboration is being performed by small groups of institutions. MINAGRI propose a Sub-Cabinet Rural Development. Related to water resources management constructions like that aren’t presented. MINIRENA clearly positions itself with a coordinating role. The executive role of the Water Department is less clear and well noticed by other institutions. Recommendations Thank you for your attention Reflections Internship National IWRM programme
IUCN Transboundary Ecosystem Based Management (Fisheries)
Transboundary Virunga Collaboration (Gorillas) Activities Building a network
Visiting projects
Multi stakeholder meeting
Consistency (Framing) Analysis
Technical Assistance at Water Department
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Programme development National IWRM Programme Institutional and capacity development building
Catchment management

Budget 30 million euros Consistency Analysis & System Analysis (Leeuwis and Aarts, 2011) (van Mierlo et al., 2009) System innovation projects should be ‘reflexive’; they must enable the challenging and change of presumptions, current practices, and the underlying institutions, either in the design of a project or in its management. Analysis 1 Analysis 2 Analysis 3 Analysis 4 Analysis 5 Analysis 6 Analysis 7 The water law clearly describes how decentralized institutions should be setup. All strategic plans relate contradicting with Water Users Associations, district and provinces. The coordinating role of MINALOC is corresponding between the different strategic plans. Climate is changing and disaster management is referred to as becoming increasingly important. The possible role of MIDIMAR isn’t mentioned by any of the strategic plans. Data collection is being exercised by different institutions (MINAGRI, MINISANTE, EWSA, RAB, etc.) although some institutions aren’t mentioned by strategic plans (such as Meteo-Rwanda). There is a large demand for sharing this information in an effective way between these institutions. Technical capacity is low, at a central level but also at the local level. Demand is present for research institutions and universities to provide water resources management graduate study. MINAGRI needs more research which is also noted by the Water Department. Agriculture is the largest user of water resources and the largest polluter through the increasing use of chemical fertilizer. With the plans of the GoR the demand for water will further increase. The issues are completely opposite and mandates are conflicting between Water Department and MINAGRI. Water-borne diseases are a cause of many people in the hospital, next to this is has also large financial consequences. The environmental health department is already collaborating with MINIRENA and REMA. Analysis 8 Water storage is not mentioned by most institutions, only the Water Department and MINIRENA see it as an important part of Integrated Water Resources Management. Recommendation Recommendation Recommendation Recommendation Recommendation The Water Department would highly benefit aligning and increasing the coordinating role of MINIRENA to improve relations with other Ministries and institutions The Water Department is recommended to initiate the Inter-Ministerial Committee and National Water Consultative Committee which are mentioned by the Water Law, where MINIRENA, MINAGRI, MININFRA, MINISANTE, MIDIMAR and MINALOC are participating in, to achieve effective (decentralized) IWRM practices and policies The Water Department would highly benefit in their role as water department by developing themselves as a (hydrological) data platform, which can be consulted by Ministries, departments and large water users to improve their ownership and authority within the sector The Water Department is recommended to initiate an Inter-Ministerial employee exchange program to increase capacity development and development of a network between the Ministries and departments The Water Department is advised to communicate the importance of water resources as indispensable and ruthless natural resource to the Rwandan people to raise awareness I had a fantastic time in which I learned a lot -personal, professional, cultural- Possible master thesis in water sector in Rwanda related to project monitoring & evaluation
(systems innovations) The courses I followed during my MSc in Wageningen and Norway came in to practice and were helpful Frames are communicative products that people (in groups) use to negotiate issues, identities and relationships Innovation happens in society, and involves the contextual re-ordering of relations in multiple social networks and it is performed by interdependent societal agents who interact with each other. Intern Regional Affairs at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Kigali, Rwanda Minors Relevant courses in MSc programme Advanced Communication Sciences
Management of Change
Linking Social and Ecological Resilience Relevant courses in MSc programme Complexity of social-ecological systems
Dynamics of organizational frameworks
Framing of issues, identities and relations Tourism
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