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Beth Smith

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Kwakiutl's

The Kwakiutl's made totem poles, stuff from animal hides, nose rings made of bone, and cone fish traps. The totem poles they made are usually made from cedar wood.
The Kwakiutl's and most other tribes
usually live in wooden longhouses. These types of homes are made from cedar wood so they are waterproof. This type of wood is also the materiel for their clothes. The entire family lives in one house.
The Kwakiutl's live along the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. They live close to the water because that is one of their most important natural resources.
What did the men do for work????
The Kwakiutl traditional men work
is hunting fish, deer, and whale.
They also build the wooden longhouses. But their most important job is hunting.

The Kwakiutl's
By:Ava S.

These men are out hunting.
Right there!!!!!!
These are totem
Nose ring
Animal hide
That's the wooden longhouse!!!!
Origin Story
There was a huge flood that covered all of the Earth except the highest of peaks. No one was prepared except 2 men, 1 women, and their dog. So only they survived the flood on a small canoe.
The End
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