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Brooklyn Waldorf School

No description

Franco Pedicini

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Brooklyn Waldorf School

Brooklyn Waldorf School
AWSNA Principles for Waldorf Schools
The image of the human being as a spiritual
being informs every aspect of the school.

Verse for America

May our feeling penetrate
Into the center of our heart
And seek in love to unite
With human beings seeking the same goal,
With spirit beings who full of grace
Behold our earnest heart-felt striving
And in beholding strengthen us
From realms of light
Illuminating our life in love.

- Rudolf Steiner

BWS Board
Randy Yuen, President
Alex Blades, Treasurer
Jeanne Baron
Meggan Gill, Faculty Rep
Denese Giordano, Administrative Rep
Cynthia Hammond
Mary Handerhan, Administrative Rep
Konrad Meissner
Christina Pantazis-Blades, Administrative Rep
Sinclair Smith
BWS Faculty Council
Brooklyn Waldorf School
All School Meeting
April 20, 2017

AWSNA Update
Faculty Retention
Tuition Comparison
Tuition Assistance
Results of Operations
Diversity Initiatives
Program Initiative:

David Bivins
Manena Frazier
BWS Parent Association
Middle School Initiatives
Development Revenue
Thank you
Good Evening

Zohar Apple
Hannah Bleier
Meggan Gill
Betsy Gimenez
Denese Giordano
Mary Handerhan
Christina Pantazis-Blades
Steve Simonak
Monika Stanislawek
Increased Faculty retention TY: 81%
LY: 66%

Implemented on-boarding process to share BWS culture

Maximize effectiveness of exit interview as a learning tool
David Bivins is a sixth-year parent at Brooklyn with his wife, Kristen. Their son, Arlo, is in Ms. Beekman's third grade. David loves how BWS engages all of Arlo's ways of learning and being while challenging him and giving him the confidence to meet the world. He also loves the School community and how we support each other in so many ways. Outside the school, David leads a software design team and helps run the Warren St. Marks Community Garden in Park Slope. When he's not at work, at the school, or in the garden, David squeezes in time to shoot and develop film or create sounds in his small music studio.
Randy Yuen has been a Brooklyn Waldorf School parent since 2007, when his son Jack waltzed into kindergarten without looking back. Jack graduates from Ms. Gimenez’s 8th grade this year and his sister Francesca will complete the 4th grade with Mr. Simonak. Randy’s technical, financial and business background have helped him guide the School’s growth since he joined the Board of Trustees in 2008. He’s dedicated to providing strategic, long-term growth for BWS because he appreciates the excellent education his children receive and the people they are becoming as members of this diverse and uniquely exceptional community. Randy has worked in the financial markets for nearly 25 years and is currently Chief Investment Officer of Jafra Capital Management. He and his wife, Art, live in Manhattan with Jack and Francesca and spend free time resting and exploring with good friends, good food and good wine.
Waldorf schools foster social renewal by cultivating human capacities in service to the individual and society.

Anthroposophical understanding of child development guides the educational program.

Waldorf schools support freedom in teaching within the context of the school’s shared agreements.

The conscious development of human relationships fosters individual and community health.

Spiritual development in support of professional growth is an ongoing activity for the faculty, staff, and board.

Collaboration and shared responsibility provide the foundations of school leadership and governance.

Productive mentor visit April 2017

BWS to be presented to Mid-Atlantic region at national conference in June

On target for accreditation consideration
Continuing Faculty conversation with WSGC Facilitator

Continued partnership: Community Basketball

Hosted nationally acclaimed
Undoing Racism
workshops attended by Faculty and community

Significant increase in diversifying library collection content

On-site documentary film screenings
Three Stream Student Support
Social Inclusion
Discipline and Guidance
Student Social Action Committee
Establish identity of middle school on BWS website: target July 2017

Refined High School Placement support service

Creation of short film depicting our unique Middle School culture

Creation of a Learning Lab for Middle School Math and Science Initiatives

Learning Support Teacher delivers social health/group cohesion curriculum
Susan Johnson found her people four years ago when she (along with her husband John and their children Oreon, Augustus and Blossom) attended her first Winter Fair.  A short time later a school tour was in place and upon discovering bees on the rooftop, the deal was sealed. There was a one year hiatus to Costa Rica and now she is back for year three at the school and year two on the Development Committee!

Julian Katz is a second-year parent at BWS with his wife, Danielle. Their eldest daughter, Georgia, is in Ms. Alt's kindergarten class. Their middle daughter, Rose, will enter kindergarten in the fall, and their youngest, Lila, will join the School in 2018. Julian sits on the Development Committee and has been his class champion for both years that Georgia has been in the School. Julian loves the community, the aesthetic and the way the School helps to form well-rounded, curious, expressive, good people in its students. Outside of school, Julian is an advertising executive with interests in film production, music and art.
Graduation Dance Party
Saturday, May 20th
Annual Fund
Target Revenue: $350,000
Target Participation: 100%
Budget: $264,076
YTD: $170,000

Total Number of Students
AY 17/18: 202
AY 16/17: 202
AY 15/16: 207
Revenue Detail
Kim John Payne
AY 16/17 - AY 18/19
Alex Blades has been a member of the Board since 2006, and has three sons in the School, in grades 3, 5 and 8. Alex has been involved in various aspects of the School’s growth, including the search for a permanent home that lead us to Claver Castle, the management of the School’s finances, and also development and fundraising efforts. He has been a rider in every Scootathon held to date, and pretends not to care that his eldest son now laps him effortlessly on the course. Originally from New Zealand, Alex practiced as a corporate lawyer in New York before moving into the financial sector, and is currently a partner at Paulson & Co., an investment management firm. In his spare time, Alex enjoys baking sourdough bread and wood-fired-oven pizza, cycling in Prospect Park, and attempting to grow heirloom tomatoes.
Manena Frazier is a fifth-year parent at BWS along with her ex-husband, Xico . Her son, Fabian, is living out his full expression in the 4th grade. His gratitude for the School is deep and so his hers . Her daughter, Imogen, also attended BWS 4th-6th grade. The community of the School is so precious to her family because of the reverence and support for the balance between the individual and the power of the whole. She is grateful as well for the sense that we are a true village in the city raising our children together . Outside of school, Manena is creatively satisfied as visual director at ABC Carpet and Home. She enjoys dancing, yoga, avocados, chia, hemp seeds, planting things and watching them grow as well as her family and family like friends, her dog and her partner, Dan.

Lisa Hargus is the mother of Maximillian Meissner in Mr. Will McKay’s sixth grade and the wife of Konrad Meissner, who has recently joined the board. Lisa joined the school when Max was three and was in Ms. Laura's, and then Ms. Byrd’s nursery. Before being asked to join the development committee, Lisa served for two years as PA president. Contributing time, energy and money to the school is a priority for Lisa and Konrad and enriches their connection to the community and helps them to feel they are a positive part of the growth and deepening at BWS.
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