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Module B:Close Study of Text- Cosi

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Irene Delimitros

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Module B:Close Study of Text- Cosi

COSI, Louis Nowra Historical Context- 1970s Social & Political Context Features and Structures of the text METATHEATRE- theatre that comments on itself... cont... cont... * War began between north Vietnam (communists) and south Vietnam (democrats)
*Australian troops served along side American forces from 1965 (to prevent the spread of communism)
*There was opposition to the Vietnam War in Australia, as many doubted that the war would be won and did not agree with the governments policy of conscription
*On May 8th 1970, over 200 000 people around Australia gathered in cities to rally against our involvement
*Australian soldiers were withdrawn in 1972, with around 50 000 soldiers serving in the conflict Australian perspectives on immigration, war, sexual morality, the role of women & the environment were undergoing radical change.
In 1974 the White Australia Policy was scrapped, later women won equal rights to pay & maternity leave, indigenous people progressed in land rights and in 1975 the nation was shocked with the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. KEY IDEAS/THEMES:
* Love and Fidelity
*Illusion and Reality
*Self Growth/Self worth *Character- embodies themes, ideas about individuals, relationships, circumstances. They also contribute to the dramatic effect

*Setting- historical, cultural, physical. Reveals aspects of characters, comments on society. The burnt out theatre/asylum is contrasted to the outside world * Structure- how action in the play is organised to reveal significant issues. The play within the play explores universal concepts. The Cosi characters grow through their connection with the stage characters they portray.
Lewis' final speech adds dramatic effect however functions to remind the audience that the fun/comedy is over, now we are back to the real world.
Intertextuality is used when referencing other stimulus to help create meaning. * Style- stage direction, dialogue, visual/aural aspects. A Beat is used to stress emotional content in the story and the characters reactions. It acts as a light-bulb moment to also create an effect in the audience (its form will alter with the director).
Language - dialogue (overlaps), Australian/ colloquial terms, political & sexual inappropriateness, poetic lyric (Cosi Fan Tutte), sarcasm and irony. Module B: CLOSE STUDY OF TEXT Comedy/Humour in the play * Imagery/Symbolism/Motif- objects/visual or aural qualities that hold deeper meaning in the play. Serves as a relief from the seriousness of real life, to allow society to endure the journey. It does not seal the deeper meaning or darkness of the play, yet enhances it.
It reveals the importance of living out our dreams (Roy), understanding love and commitment, developing self confidence, discovery of what is really important in our lives and commenting on what 'normal' actually is.
Through this we as responders questions values in society and come to recognise that there are no real 'magic cure' and that life is more complicated than a night in the theatre. Ironic Juxtaposition *Despair of a burnt out theatre/asylum to the grand splendour of the opera
*Betrayal in opera and in the play
*Madness of the Vietnam War to the chaos of the asylum Important ideas NOWRA aims to convey in Cosi * The inhumanity & ineffectiveness of the mental health system in 20th century Australia
*The insanity of war and the need to condemn and protest Australia's involvement
*The importance of theatre as a powerful form of political protest and as a way of enriching people's lives with art
SOCIAL COMMENTARY- the treatment of mental patients- characters are constructed for us to sympathise with to then condemn society who label, incarcerate and subject them to cruel and inhumane treatment.
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