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Care Bears

No description

Neha Kodali

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Care Bears

Care Bears Care Bears Price Timeline $4.99 2010 1$29.99-849.99
$11.99-21.99 1985 1990 25.99-50.99 2000 $59. 99- 149.99 1980 When they came out Care bears came out in the 1980's. There were 10 original ones- bedtime bear, birhtday bear, cheer bear, friend bear, funshine bear, good luck bear, grumpy bear, love-a-lot bear, tenderheart bear and wish bear. Care Bears where made off the idea of a soft doll with moveable parts. This was invented by a German in 1902. The Idea Care Bears were first images on greeting cards made by American Greetings. Then, Kenner changed them into a plush doll in 1983. Inspiration Each care bear has a color and symbol of its own. All care bears also have a heart on its right hip.
Identity Movie Production Care Bears were turned into a movie after they were turned into a plush toy in 1987. Switcheroo When the care bears were first being made, someone made a mistake and bedtime bear and wish bear switched colors. Bedtime bear, who is supposed to be blue, turned aqua and wish, who is supposed to be aqua, turned blue. Care bear cousins came out in 1884. They were 11 original ones- brave heart lion, bright heart racoon, cozy heart racoon, cozy heart penguin, gentle heart lamb, lotsa heart elephant, lotsa heart dog, nobal heart horse, proud heart cat, swift heart rabbit and treat heart pig. Care Bear Cousins
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