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John McCra

No description

Nathan Froggett

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of John McCra

Nathan Froggett
John McCrae
What was his biggest success?
His biggest success was when he wrote one of the most famous poems called In Flanders Field. The reason his Flanders field poem became so famous was because the poem helped other remember the soldiers that we lost during the wars.
What has been the hardest challenge he ever faced?
The most difficult challenge that he have ever had to face was when he was a soldier in war. The reason war was the hardest thing was because he had to leave his family behind trying to convince them that they would see me again. It wasn’t just hard to say goodbye but he also saw people die, one day he would talk to someone and the next day he was barring them. He saw hundreds of dead bodies that will never leave his nightmares.
More details
During John McCrae's past jobs, especially when he was a soldier he learned that life was too valuable to waste. He Learned this by killing and seeing people die in front of him.
What would he think of Canada now?
I think that John McCrae would like today's Canada, the reason I think this is because Canada has good education and he was once a teacher. He would also like that we have good health care in Canada, this would be important to him because he was a medical teacher. Another reason he would like Canada is because anyone could be an author, they can go online and write poems or stories, he would like this because he was a poet.
Who is John Mcrae?
John McCrae was born in Guelph Ontario on November 30, 1872, the second son of Scottish immigrants Lieutenant Colonel David McCrae and Janet Simpson McCrae. He was canadian doctor, soldier, teacher and poet, he was the person who wrote "in Flanders Field"
What type of work would he be good at?
He would be good at being an author, the reason to this is because he was a Teacher, Medical Teacher, Poet and a soldier. This would help him to become an author because he’s seen adventure during his days in war, this will come in handy because the adventure will help him with creativity. The teaching will also help him with knowing the facts so he can make sure that my stories are correct. His other job of being a poet would help because he already have experience with writing. That is why he would be good at being an author.

What has he learned form his past jobs?
When did John McCrae died?
John McCrae died January 8th 1918 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

He was barred in Wimereux Cemetery, Wimeruex France
John McCraes
Thomas McCrae
Geillis McCrae

Janet Simpson Eckford McCrae
David McCrae
Where did John McCrae get his education from?
John McCrae got his education at Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute and University of Toronto

The End!

Thanks for watching!
What did McCrae do for Canada?
During his time as a soldier he fought for his country keeping us safe. He dedicated his life to make sure that no harm would come to Canada. Also during his time of being a poet he helped everyone remember the soldiers we lost during the wars.
hi nate
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