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Huck Finn Ch.25-26

No description

Sameen Ahmad

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Huck Finn Ch.25-26

Main Plot Events HUCK The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25-26 Sameen, Jose, Sam Chapters 25-26 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25 Wilks's three nieces were standing in the door to greet them
Everyone (women) cried from joy to finally meet them [good occasion]
The king & the duke saw the coffin
They took one look in the coffin and then they burst into tears. ("could a heard them to Orleans")
Pretended to pray - this trick had a huge affect on the crowd and everyone broke down sobbing
"I never see anything so disgusting." - Huck
The king asked about almost every person in town by name and then he pretended that Peter had written him about those things
Mary Jane brought the letter her father had left behind the letter said:
house and $3,000 in gold to the girls
His brothers- $3,000 in gold and other houses and land worth about $7,000
location of $6,000 in cash was hidden down in the cellar
went to the cellar- weren't satisfied/trusted that it was all there. -Had to count it. -
It came out $415 short
Didnt want any suspicion-- added in their own $$
went back up and recounted it and made a speech about the poor innocent girls and "gave" the money to them = good souls, lovely (emotional again)
Dr. Robinson (old friend of the deceased) called the Duke and King a fraud because their accents are fake
He tells Mary Jane to end this and kick them out but instead she hands them all $6000 Conflict Hucks internal battle of what is right and wrong Character Development Satire: Naive/blind to the truth/ taking advantage of the weak Discussion Question Do you think money corrupts society? Chapter 26 The king asks if there is a spare room--make arrangements to stay in the Wilks house
That night they had a big super
Huck stood behind the king and the duke’s chairs and waited on them. Jim waited on the rest
Huck and Joanna (youngest sister) he calls her the harelipped girl, ate leftovers in the kitchen
She tests Huck on what he knows about England
He forgets he is from Sheffield- Huck had to pretend he was choking on a chicken bone to stall for time
She asks more question and he forgets that dauphin is supposed to be a preacher
She continues to ask and doesn't trust him and asks him to put his hand on a book and swear
Huck saw that it was just a dictionary, so he put his hand on it and swore
still does not believe all of it
Mary Jane and Susan interrupt and tell Joanna to be kind and she should be ashamed-she apologizes
after she apologizes all 3 girls make Huck feel comfortable and let me know that he was among friends.
Huck felt so awful that he decided to steal that money back for them or go down trying.
Too dark to look, he waits to eavesdrop
Huck hears Duke say to the king that they should run awway before 3 in the morning with what they had already gotten out (makes Huck feel bad)
The king got angry/ greedy and says they have to stay until they have sold all the property

Huck waits until they leave, steals the $6,000 in gold and sneaks out at night Guilty Huck's moral code continues to develop and is different from the beginning of the story when he only used to think of himself.
Pg 164, "I never seen anything so disgusting" (during the funeral).
He finally reaches his breaking point of letting the King and Duke con innocent people out of money
Pg 175, "I says to myself, this is a girl I'm letting that old reptile rob her of her money"
He also develops a tendency to help out women who he earlier considered to be beautiful (Miss Sophia and the three girls) The Duke and the King The first time we are able to distinguish a moral difference between the King and Duke
Pg 177, "The duke grumbled; said the bag of gold was enough, and he didn't want to go no deeper- didn't want to rob a lot of orphans of everything they had".
The King is the one who persuades the duke to steal all the money from the girls whereas the duke needed to be talked into it.

However in the end, both go to an extremely low level for money "Well, then, what kind o’ brothers would it be that ’d stand in his way at sech a time? And what kind o’ uncles would it be that ’d robyes, robsech poor sweet lambs as these ’at he loved so at sech a time? If I know Williamand I think I dohewell, I’ll jest ask him." Page 163 -The king and Duke actually are con men
-Sole purpose is to rob them “It don’t make no difference what he said—that ain’t the thing. The thing is for you to treat him kind, and not be saying things to make him remember he ain’t in his own country and amongst his own folks.” —Page 175

-Joanna doesn't listen to her instincts Theme Dr. Robinson - "its the worst imitation I ever heard. You're a fraud, thats what you are!" Mary Jane- "take this..and invest it for me and my sisters any way you want, and dont give us no receipt for it." Setting : Wilks house, funeral Mood:
The Wilks family- sad/ emotional, but felt as if it were a good occasion because they met family(duke and the king)

Huck: Disgusted at society, internal battle, wants to do right by the girls Foreshadowing: we know that Huck runs away with the money, therefore there will be confusion about what happened to the money, blame on Huck, miss communication Gullibility
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