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Zoom book for Biology

No description

Corey Johnson

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Zoom book for Biology

Zoom book on Ecosystems
By: Corey Johnson Mongoose Fifth consumer in the forest ecosystem Energy path for the forest ecosystem Starts with the sun as the first source of energy. Then it goes to the producers, the flower, but it doesn't stay long; with the caterpillar eating the flower.The caterpillar is then eaten by the lizard who is then caught and killed by the hawk. The hawk will be killed by the snake, and then the mongoose will fight the snake. After the mongoose kills the snake the bear will end its days. The bear is the top of the food chain and is the top predator. The bear will eventually die, and the worm will decompose the body and return its nutrients to the soil for other producers to use. The food starts in the mongoose's mouth and travels down its esophagus. Its teeth and saliva break down the food and send it to its stomach. The stomach acids will dissolve it into energy to be given to the body for further use. Cell's and Their Functions Inside the blood, there are cells that take in oxygen from the air into carbon dioxide through respiration in the lungs. Then the carbon dioxide is expelled through the air to be used by others.
Plants take in the carbon dioxide that people expel and the use photosynthesis, which is where they use water and light to mix it with carbon dioxide, to come out with oxygen and energy. Plants also have a process called cellular respiration. this is where photosynthesis is reversed and they use their energy and oxygen to make glucose.
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