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WWII Timeline

No description

Austin Herms

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of WWII Timeline

Double click anywhere & add an idea July 29- 1921 World War Two Timeline Adolf Hitler becomes the leader of the
National Social "Nazi" Party August 12- 1938 German Military mobilizes March 15/16- 1939 Germans Take the country of
Czechoslovakia. September 1, 1939 Germany invades Poland,
World War Two begins. December 14, 1939 Soviet Union expelled from
League Of Nations. May 10, 1940 Nazis invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands; Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister. 1939 September 13, 1940 Italians invade Egypt. September 27, 1940 Tripartite (Axis) Pact signed by Germany, Italy and Japan. 1940 June 14, 1941 United States freezes German and
Italian assets in America. July 26, 1941 Roosevelt freezes Japanese assets in
United States and suspends relations. 1941 United States announces an oil embargo
against aggressor states. August 1, 1941 September 1, 1941 Nazis order Jews to wear
yellow stars. September 29, 1941 Nazis murder 33,771 Jews at Kiev. December 7, 1941 Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. December 8, 1941 United States and Britain
declare war on Japan. December 11, 1941 Germany declares war on the United States. January 1, 1942 Declaration of the United Nations signed
by 26 Allied nations. April, 1942 Americans send Japanese to relocation camps. 1942 1943 September 8, 1943 Italians surrender to the Allies. October 13, 1943 Italy declares war on Germany June 6, 1944 D-day. April 21, 1945 Soviets reach Berlin, Germany. April 30, 1945 Adolf Hitler commits suicide. June 26, 1945 United Nations Charter is signed
in San Francisco. 1945 August 6, 1945 First atomic bomb dropped,
on Hiroshima, Japan August 9, 1945 Second atomic bomb dropped, on Nagasaki, Japan. August 14, 1945 Japanese agree to unconditional surrender. September 2, 1945 Japan signs the surrender agreement. WWII ends. Oct 24, 1945 United Nations is officially born.
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