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How Electronic Dance Music has influenced today's music and society.

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Luis Rodriguez

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of How Electronic Dance Music has influenced today's music and society.

How Electronic Dance Music has influenced today's music industry & society.

Before the phenomena
The music that gave birth to EDM was Disco music which was very popular back in the 1970's through 1980's. This music was very successful in its time and you might ask yourself where did it start. The answer is Chicago, this city became the birth place of disco in America and open a club like place named "The Ware House" this club became so popular that it reached nationwide recognition in matter of months.
The Warehouse!
You must be wondering where house music got its name from...well from this very club itself. as the years pass more young djs started to work on making this type of music and blending in new sounds to the original type of disco.
EDM birth
By the early 90's the music was given a worldwide and main name to represent all the styles of house music being created. DJS worldwide started to get recognition if their music was good enough, if it was they had more chances of a record deal and their way to make an appearance to the world.

The rise of many known djs today

during the years 2000 through 2013 djs were spiking up so quick and as a result many festivals were held up in major cities around the world were djs and top producers of the time can show their music to a crowd of thousands of people.

How far EDM has gone
As you may know many artist and new artist are working with new producers who make electronic music and combine their original sound into a more electronic and more house music based . This is because of the popularity house music has reached
where is mainstream pop music going?????
The new singles by some pop artists today are becoming huge hits and more people have reported there favorite artist singing under an electronic house music based style is really good and makes the songs more upbeat and fun to keep playing. The success of this new style of pop music combined with House music would become the next success.
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