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Corporate Culture of the Walt Disney Company

No description

Jules Bourck

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Corporate Culture of the Walt Disney Company

Corporate Culture of the Walt Disney Company By Bronte & Breanna Introduction Walt Disney is a company centered around entertainment, ``Our people are one of our greatest brand assets and each of us has a vital role in nurturing the Disney brand. The people who work at Disney believe in the core purpose of the Disney brand which is to provide the world with special entertainment with a heart. The underlying principles that guide us are innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency.`` Innovation Walt Disney claims to follow a strong tradition of innovation: the introduction of new things or methods. For Walt Disney that simply means constantly creating new or improving aspects of their company to improve customer experience. Creating new rides at the theme park, or releasing all of their movies in 3D are some examples of innovation at the Walt Disney company. Quality Walt Disney strives to create, maintain, and follow high-quality standards across all product categories. Whether it be movies, rides, or general customer care, Walt Disney ensures that they excel. Storytelling Every product is timeless and tells a story. Community Walt Disney creates a positive and family-friendly environment for their customers, and ensures quality entertainment for generations to share. Optimism Entertainment is about hope, aspiration, and positive resolutions. Decency Walt Disney honors and respects the trust that people place in them. The Job Employees who work at Walt Disney say that it`s a job built on imagination and wonder and it really is a dream job. Disney was named number one most admired entertainment company, and number thirteen in Fortune Magazine`s most admired company survey. ``Our culture is magic and wonder, and required previous work experience: childhood dreams. ``
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