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You 2.0

A workshop exploring how and why using social media can help you to communicate effectively with a range of audiences. We’ll be taking a look at blogs, social networking, creating and embedding content, integrating social media into your existing processe

Connecting Learners

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of You 2.0

Create and Collaborate Twitter URL Shortening Present Embed
< / > Facebook Video & Photo Hyperlinking by Richard Speight from Connecting Learners
twitter @CL3Project Build your Network You 2.0 Talk Blog Let's
Play Count Blog www.slideshare.net www.Prezi.com Be yourself Tell your story Learn Forms & Surveys www.Issuu.com (and unlearn
and relearn) http://bit.ly/joinCLC Integrate Documents www.xtranormal.com Tutorials http://www.slideshare.net/ http://issuu.com http://prezi.com http://www.facebook.com/ http://www.blogger.com/ http://twitter.com/ Inspiration Connect http://www.flickr.com/ DK from @Mediasnakers http://bit.ly/diw2010vids Facebook Privacy Internet Safety & Security Sharing your information Connecting with others Create a personal profile Create a fanpage for your organisation Advanced Security
(Some features do not apply in the UK) Googledocs Go Social Skype http://www.google.co.uk/goodtoknow/
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