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The American Revolution

No description

Crystal Rae

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of The American Revolution

The American Revolution
There were a number of grievances the colonies had with Britain before the unthinkable happened. We will discuss the harbingers of war and its aftermath.
Passage of Stamp Act
Boston Massacre
March 5, 1770
Boston Tea Party
Patriots: Colonists who opposed British Rule
Massacre: the killing of many people who can not defend themselves

The American Revolution
The Harbingers of War
Mr. Wilborn's Fifth Grade Class
Key Players:
Crispus Atticks
John Adams
Key Players:
King George III
Parliament: Britain's law making assembly

Repealed in 1766
Townshend Acts
Tax on imported goods from Britain.
Key Players:
King George III
Charles Townshed: Treasurer of British Gov.
Colonist go DIY
Colonist benefited from the soldiers presence, so they should help pay for the army's costs
Tea Act: East India company

Colonist rebel, no British ships
are allowed to bring in tea.

Key Players: Sons of Liberty

The Continental Congress
Loyalist: Colonist who remained loyal to King George and the British government.
Representatives from every colony but Georgia show up to discuss what to do about Britain.
The RevolutionBegins
Key Players
Paul Revere
John Hancock
Samuel Adams
Place: Concord
British Secret Mission: to take arms and arrest Hancock and Adams
And so it begins...
Spoiler Alert!
The Treaty of Paris 1783
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