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Copy of Lego Midstorms

No description

Scott Stagnitta

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Lego Midstorms

The main objective is to help students better grasp Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts through a hands-on approach.

It covers the following curriculum areas :

Science : investigating energy, forces, speed, and collecting data

Technology : computer programming and controlling input and output devices

Engineering : developing solutions, selecting, building, testing and evaluating

Mathematics : measuring, using coordinate systems, conversion and applied mathematics.

. We are hopeful that this program will ignite an interest in some students to appreciate and continue learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics throughout their high school and maybe even their college years.

It also might encourage girls to consider engineering as a career.
Another key component of studying robotics is focusing on problem analysis. It promotes students to take a look at the entire situation and identify what problems need to be resolved.
It's important for students to have fun designing robots, and it is equally important for them to understand the following:
The technical components that are sensing the environment
producing motion, and generating knowledge
collecting and graphing data
It helps students accept that making mistakes is acceptable and is expected, because it will help lead them to better solutions.
It’s all the trials and tribulations that students overcome during the whole process that makes reaching the point of success so important.
When you set up a project, like robotics and computer programming, it’s amazing what students can comprehend and will, in order to get their finished product working.
Robotic programs provide an education in which students want to participate, even voluntarily outside of the traditional class time.
The difficulty and complexity of projects can be adjusted to cater to students of all ability levels.
Why is LEGO MINDSTORMS such a valuable option?
Free Download
Lego Digital Designer
Robotic Bowling
Basic Robot
Used to teach basic programming skills
Breakdown of Program and How Their Robot Works
Robotic Sumo Wrestling

Robotic sumo wrestling is a competitive competition where two autonomous robot contestants try to push or flip each other out of a ring.

Starts by using sound sensor
Go forward for about 1-2 seconds
Spins around 180 degrees (1100 degrees)

Spin in place (unlimited until it see other robots)
When your robot sees another robot within
14” attack (moving towards the enemy)
When the robot sees the black line, back up
And spin back into the ring
Cooperative Learning
Group Project
Bloom's Taxonomy - multi-tiered model of classifying thinking according to six cognitive levels of complexity ...

Knowledge - identify, locate, and show

Comprehension- construct, transform, and explain

Application- solve, operate, and put to use

Analysis- breakdown, uncover, and examine

Synthesis- build, develop, and generate

Evaluate- assess, judge,and determine
PREZI Presentaion Software
dynamic presentations,
zoom in and out across a large poster
create motion paths
add text,
embed images
video files or YouTube videos…

There’s no need to install anything on to your computer – PREZI is delivered entirely online.



A Few Benefits of using Lego Mindstorms
in the classroom
LEGO representative, Jerry O'Malley
Sumo Wrestling Match
Last Robot Standing
*Maze Robot

*Obstacle Course Project

*Rube Goldberg Machine

*Sumo Wrestling Robots

*Pin Point Accuracy

*Race Car

Students will learn to program robots to autonomously play soccer. The students robot design must function and have the same skills as a traditional soccer player. They must be able to have offensive moves, as well as defensive moves, and be able to locate and kick the infrared soccer ball. The robots must be able to make decisions based on the environment or situation that occurs during the match.
Simple Design
NXT-G programs can use the sensor data and wire it directly to motor blocks to create a R/C program.
Programming Labs

The labs progressively build on the student’s understanding of the programming software, and gradually increase in difficulty.

Each new lab introduces different sensors and programming blocks.
NXT IRReceiver Sensor
Thanks for being a great audience!

My presentation is available to view at Prezi.com.

My classroom also has a YouTube page ( Mrstags1) that features all of my students projects.
Web Page Sources

Lego Engineering.com
Great NXT Programming Tutorials
Program Description:

Students will learn how NASA uses robotics technology to a great extent in its exploration of space. Students and teachers will hear how NASA Engineers are designing and building robotic systems that will help humans explore the universe. Participants will learn how NASA defines robotics, see how robotic systems are already widely used in the space program, and discover what plans there are for future robotic applications.
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
Thanks for being a great audience!

My presentation is available to view at Prezi.com.
Click the explore tab and type my name Scott Stagnitta

Haiku LMS
Haiku LMS Youtube Channel

EV3 Small Basic -
(text based programming) Tutorial on YouTube

My classroom also has a YouTube page ( Mrstags1 & sstagnit@skanschools.org) that features all of my students projects.
Programming Labs:

Move forward & backwards
Swing Turn
Zero Degree Turn
Start incorporating different sensors
Travel in a Square
STEM Camp (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 3, 2012
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Mulroy Hall

Onondaga Community College’s STEM Camp focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with a half day spent in the classroom setting and a half day seeing how STEM is applied in the real world.

In the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robotics class, participants will first learn the NXT programming software, the brains of the MINDSTORMS® robot. Students will then work in teams to assemble a robot, upload the program, and make the robot come alive and perform different operations. The field trips will visit local businesses that incorporate robotics and STEM into their daily operations.
The Skaneateles Central School District is located approximately twenty-five (25) miles southwest of the City of Syracuse in Central New York.

The current enrollment is approximately 1100 students.
What areas of our society are robotics being used in?
It's very important to involve your administrators, board of education, and community members in what you are doing in your classroom.
http://www.stemcentric.com/EV3-tutorial/ (program tutorial)

“We must inspire today’s young people to believe that if they become our future engineers, they can engineer our future.”

Robert J. Stevens
-Chairman & CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is both fun and useful in the classroom. Here is the basic premise: you can create ‘polls’ (i.e. questions) that can be answered by students in real time via text, twitter feed, or web browser. The answers come up on your computer screen in real time as a graph, chart or scrolling text. It becomes exciting when you hook your computer up to a projector and the kids can see their answers come to life in front of their eyes

*Student feedback on a lesson/ class
*Rapid Review of Content

The Free version allows up to 40 students per class

EV3 Core Set
$ 389.95
EV3 Lego
Mindstorms Software
Lego Robotics Projects That Enhance Learning




3D Print parts for students project

3D Printing Parts for Robotics Project
Basic Robot
Used to teach basic programming Skills

Programming Labs

The labs progressively build on the student’s understanding of the programming software, and gradually increase in difficulty.

Each new lab introduces different sensors and programming blocks.

Failing Forward
Free Download
Lego Digital Designer

Hooking The Students
Out of class sponge projects
Coding using Small Basic EV3 Extension
Students learn best when they are in control of their own learning.
Think Like A Programmer
Basically you need your students to be able to breakdown a problem into the simplest of ideas and thoughts.
Psuedocode is an informal high-level description of the operating principle of a computer program
Conceptial Design to Reality
*Cardstock Mock-up
*Design to Scale on AutodesK Inventor
*3D Print
Project Based Learning Inspire Middle School Students To Engage In Deep Active Learning.
Scott Stagnitta
Skaneateles School Distirct

EV3 Microsoft Small Basic EV3 Expansion
EV3 Graphic Programming Language
Programming Options
Long story short? They can make anything with code.
Encouraging Creators..... Not Just Consumers of Technology

*1 month of building after school or during lunch
*4 different major changes
*About 10 hours of programming
*3 different protypes of bottle holders
*Watching it fail in Slow Motion
Water Bottle Flipping Robot

*record all attemps

Obstacle Course Project
EV3 Expansion Set
Mistakes Are
Proof That You Are Trying
Ignite an Interest
Free For Educational Use
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