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Copy of Street Art & Mark Jenkins

To be used with 5th grade art class prior to creating our own packing tape figures.

Shelly Hardin

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Street Art & Mark Jenkins


It is usually done without permission from city officials or others in charge, frequently simply appearing overnight.
Street Art is a genre of art that literally occurs in areas on or around city streets.
Banksy, North London
Street Art is NOT vandalism. Vandalism damages and ruins the value of a neighborhood. Street art often increases the pride and value of a city neighborhood.
Street art may be serious or humorous. It may have a political or social message, or be just for fun.
Banksy - Los Angeles, CA
Types of Street Art include...
Painted on a wall or fence, usually on public or private property.
Works that are painted are intended to stay for a long time.
This is vandalism, NOT art.
One or more stencils are created from paper or cardboard, then transferred onto wall using spray paint or paint roller.

(aka: sticker bombing, slap tagging, and sticker tagging)
Digitally projecting a computer-manipulated image using a video projection system.
Multiple, identical homemade stickers,
designed by the artist...
usually promoting a political or social idea.
Sometimes traded and posted in other locations than the artist's.
3 dimensional (3D)
Used to change a common public space - to make people think or wonder. (What???)
Often strange or funny.
Very temporary (they usually are destroyed by weather, public interaction, or removed by city workers).
A large group of people who appear to randomly gather together, perform an unusual action for a brief period of time, and then randomly disperse.
Almost always strangers (not one, practiced group).
Organized via internet, facebook, email, etc.
Improv Everywhere
"Grand Central Lights"
Celebrating the 100th Birthday of
Grand Central Terminal in NYC
Began with knitters in Texas who wanted to find something creative to do with their leftover yarn and unfinished yarn projects.
Usually focused
Mark Jenkins creates street art installations
using clear packaging tape.
He began by just playing around with tape in his home. He remembered creating a tape pencil form as a boy and began trying it on other objects in his house.
He soon figured out that the tape was strong enough to hold the shape of a human body.
His first public art involved using plastic dolls as models. He called this project "The Storker Project".
Pre-made and ready to hang.
Made of paper, fabric, or vinyl.
President Obama's
team liked this design so well that they adopted it for the presidential campaign, but changed the original word from"PROGRESS" to "HOPE".
Shepard Fairey, California street artist.
5 Steps to create a tape sculpture:
WRAP IT once:
Wrap the object with sticky side OUT and create one layer of tape. Cut the tape.

WRAP IT twice:
Wrap the object sticky side down and create two layers. Cut the tape between layers.

CUT off the sculpture:
When the object is completely wrapped, cut the tape sculpture off of the object.

CUT in Zig Zag:
Cut tape off in zig zag patterns (makes it easier to reassemble).

REFORM the object:
Using small pieces of tape, reform the cut section. Fit it together like a puzzle. Do NOT overlap.
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