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History of the world according to Annabelle

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of History of the world according to Annabelle

Where were you born
OFS ,Peoria ,IL
When did your family move to Henry ?
when i was in kindergarten
What event in the word has had the biggest impact on the history of your family
My great great grandpa was in world war III
What is the farthest place you have ever been fron Henry IL?Why did you go there?
I have been to Florida for a family vacation
What is the most interesting place you have ever been?
Florida because they had sand on store floors
Eiffel Tower in Paris ,France
If you could go any where in the world where would you go?
What do u believe is the most important event to have ever happened in the world ,or what event do you think has impacted the world more than any other ?
The birth of Jesus Christ
Who is your biggest fan in the history of the world?
Jesus because i am a christan
Who do you think is the biggest villain of all time ?why?
Hitler he killed Jews in cruel nasty ways and the jews did nothing wrong.
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