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VisionDP Design Compose Automate Integrate

No description

Lytrod Software

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of VisionDP Design Compose Automate Integrate

Composition Standalone PC based, not a "Plug-In"
Variable document design tool
Optimized PDF composition engine
Extensive business form drawing capabilities
Precise OMR Form Creation (Scantron®) Data streams: Delimited, XML, PRN (LCDS)
“No Data” Mode: counters, versioning, barcoding
User-Friendly Interface with 100+ variable design features
Extensive 1-D and 2-D barcode support Target Markets VDP for Print Shops & Quick Print
Use existing design layout, just add variables!
Create one-to-one marketing pieces
Document numbering/versioning VDP for In-Plants
Design business forms and merge report data
Workflow Automation: email, archive, splitting, hot-folder, command line & more!
“Lights Out” Operation
Hot Folders
Command Sets
Batch Job Processing
Web-to-Print Integration with SkyLine Product Overview Print Center Production
Unlimited PDF Output
Command line capable
Cost Effective Low cost, limited license
Unlimited watermarked proof pages
50,000 total PDF Pages
Archive and share template with
other VisionDP products A utility created to assist OEM’s with product integration
Auto-renders thumbnails for immediate viewing
Runs in background Command line driven
Emulates production VisionDP environment in the cloud Visual mapping (print ready/LCDS)
Record definition
Fixed Length
PCC Byte
PCC Mapping
Text String
Prefix Data Variable Data Import: Print Ready (LCDS) Hyperlinks
Calendar Events
Event name, date and time
Geo Coordinates
Launch mobile map to exact locations
Business Cards
Contact information in 2-D
SMS Texts
Customize text messages to static or variable phone number
And More!... QR Codes Pie
Format Options:
Burst, Half
Custom Color
Clear Dry Ink
Labels or Legends Business Graphs and Charts
2D Barcodes (images dynamically created)
QR Codes (next slide)
Intelligent Mail Barcode
Aztec 2D Barcodes Enhance objects, text, images & variables
Graphic Appeal
Document Security
Easy to implement, one mouse click in color menu for any object or variable
Creates “Clear” Layer in PDF
Pre-defined path art library makes it easy to add creative patterns to the document Clear Dry Ink: 5th Toner Housing College Funds? Life Insurance? Retirement Planning? John Smith Multi-page PDFs, auto-split into individual sheets
Personalize any page
Serialize documents by creating variable counters and scannable barcodes (i.e. DataMatrix)
Page ordering options (set number pages)
Normal: 1to n
Reverse: n-1
Booklet (1, n, 2, n-1 …)

Input Multi-Page PDFs 50239944.JPG 30338491.JPG 302462159.JPG Use data field
Variable builder creates image name
“Drop” field on design to create personal image Dutch Cut Back Side Front Side Multi-Orientation support saves costs Multi-up z-sort supports variability on both front and back. Multi-Up Imposition on The Fly! Cut and Stack Features keep postal order and automate fulfillment Maintain Order for Postal Savings Design Automation Integration Data Driven Images 1 - Dimensional Barcodes 2of5, Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN12, EAN128, PostNet, UPCA
Barcode Font Library (128 Fonts)
Transform Support Font based: Fonts Included Easy to Use Conditional Logic Menu Postcards Postcards Sequence/Personalize pages Use Any Design Tool and Merge with Any Data File Booklet Imposition Report Archive Job Queue Splitting email Print Versioning Thank you for your interest
Please contact us... Learn Inform Report Connect www.lytrod.com 203396.JPG
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