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Distribution Channels

No description

Renata Lemos

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Distribution Channels

What is Distribution Strategy?
It’s the method a company uses to get their product or service throughout various distribution channels to the ultimate purchaser or end-user – in other words, how and where the consumer buys their product or service.

Team 'Murica
by: Renata Lemos, Phillip McKee,Chris Can Ly, Thien Le, and Marcela Albertini
Why Efficient
Distribution is Important?
How Distribution Affected Our Game
Difference Between Direct and Indirect Marketing Channel
Various Types of Retailers
Flow of Information and Merchandise in the Marketing Channel
How Marketing Channels Are Managed
3 Levels of Distribution Intensity
Refers to the scale of the distribution network as well as the appropriate selection of location.

Phil do this
increased sales volume
wider consumer recognition
considerable impulse purchasing
relies on a few intermediaries
more specialized goods carried by specialist dealers


producer selects very few intermediaries
high dealer loyalty
dependent upon the availability of the exclusive merchandize

Flow of Information
Flow of Merchandise
Via Strategic Relationships
Via Vertical Marketing Systems
Mutual trust
Open Communication
Common Goals
Credible Commitments
Hundreds stores and retailers in this business world

We need to know where to put our products in the right place
Consumers buy the products in 2 ways
Direct Marketing Channel
Retailers on the Game
Direct: Companies sell to consumers directly
General Merchandise retailers:
Department Store
Full-line Discount Stores:
Online Discount Retailer; Discount Retail Chain
Specialty Stores:
University Store; Fashion Boutique; High End Outdoor
Indirect Marketing Channel
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