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CPR: Providing a Lifeline for Principals Through 21st Centur

This presentation is for the 2014 NAESP National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

Dan Butler

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of CPR: Providing a Lifeline for Principals Through 21st Centur

Principal of Two Elementary Buildings
80 staff members
2 of everything
Communication, consistency, and transparency

My Essential Daily Tools
You Tube
Google forms/spreadsheets/apps
Data Centers/Continuous Improvement
School websites
Friday Focus
My Story
My chance to reflect, connect, and share my personal/professional story:


Who is going to read this?

When do you have time?
Friday Focus
CPR: Providing a Lifeline for Principals Through 21st Century Communication and Public Relations
Daniel P. Butler

The Most Powerful Professional Development
Individual Benefits
Anytime professional development
Connection w/ powerful educators and authors
Resource sharing and collaboration
Ashton Kutcher and Shaq

#IAedchat and Storify
The Interview (http://tinyurl.com/mqhw8wp)
Sundays at 8:00 AM
8:00 PM
Weekly edchat schedule:
Google Forms/Spreadsheets/Apps
Classroom Walkthrough Form

Walkthrough Data

Building Data Centers
RtI Planning
2013-2014 PD Informed by Twitter
Twitter: School Benefit

Where we went wrong

Our story (http://tinyurl.com/nwrh95y)

Control the positive


Parent/family resources

Emergency Updates
How it Works
Sample Form
(#3 on your handout)

Sample Data
Created Collectively on Twitter

Participation in EE PTO has tripled since 2011-2012

EE Walk-a-Thon Event earned more than $11,000 (last year's event = $3,500)

More money = more resources = increased student learning (we hope)

Remind Impact
What's Next w/ Google?
Staff Workspace Website
One place for all info
A work in progress
Weekly Staff Newsletter
Clear, concise, instructional focus
One of the best tools I have used
Shared with:
All staff
District administrators
Central Office
School Board
Tweeted out weekly

Examples: http://tinyurl.com/mqfqrm8
Intended Outcome
Leaders will understand how social media and other communication tools have been utilized to enhance communication, improve public relations, while fostering positive relationships within the school environment.
Classroom Data Centers
Progress Data
Data Folders
Students track individual progress
Individual goals set (aligned to classroom goals) (which are aligned to building goals)
Strategic Plans
Progress Toward Building Goals
Continuous Improvement
Focus on Improvement and PS-12 Alignment

PBIS Incident Reports

Incident Report Form

Incident Report Data

Get up from your seats and find someone to discuss:

What did you see that could enhance your current system?

What other thoughts do you have related to Google Forms/Spreadsheets?

Thank You




Control the Message
We have the tools at our disposal to control the message and tell our stories.
"Never hesitate to share something great about your school."
#1 on your handout
Remind Features
Free mass text messaging service

Schedule messages to be sent at later time or date

Send to multiple groups of people
A Quick Poll...
Please take out your cell phones:

Take two minutes to reflect
on uses of Remind
A Quick Poll...
Please take out your cell phones:


Take two minutes to reflect
on uses of Twitter
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