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Cortes vs. Montezuma

Mrs. Buchanan's 7th hour

Riley Brunk

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Cortes vs. Montezuma

Cortes Vs Montezuma Spanish Vs Aztecs Cortes was a Spanish explorer who was trying to spread Christianity and gain wealth.
In 1519, Cortes and his men landed in Mexico
where they found the Aztec Empire.
Through Geronimo de Aguilar, who could speak Mayan, and Malinche, who could speak both Mayan and Nahuatl, which is the Aztec language, Cortes could communicate with the natives. Montezuma Cortes The Spaniards wanted to expand their control so they traveled through the Aztec Empire to the heart of the empire, Tenochtitlan. Through each territory the spanish passed through, they over-powered their adversaries and gained extra soldiers from any of them that were left. When the Spaniards reached Tenochtitlan, Montezuma treated his unwanted guest well. Giving them more gifts and nice houses to stay in. Cortes, fearing that the Aztecs were going to try to attack them, took Montezuma hostage. This caused an uproar by the Aztecs and was known as La Noche Triste.

http://www.edurich.net/hansonj/aztecs/aztec_webpage/lesson/primary_source1.htm Cortes believed he could control the Aztec
people through Montezuma. The Aztecs began to get angry because they were tired of the Spanish asking for more gold and trying to convert them to Christianity. They stopped listening to Montezuma and therefore, Cortes lost control. The Aztec cut off the Spaniards supplies and they were getting desperate. In an attempt to get the Aztecs under control, Montezuma was said to have suffered wounds from the people throwing stones and shooting arrows at him. Later, Montezuma died from his wounds. How? How could the leader Montezuma put his whole civilization in danger? What? What efforts did the Aztecs use to fend off the spanish army? Why? Why did Montezuma not pay attention to his surroundings which gave him power? Montezuma along with all of the other people in the civilization believed that Cortes was a god. Even though Cortes looked like just another Spaniard, to the Aztecs who have never seen someone from another part of the world he was extremely abnormal. Cortes had red hair which resembled fire, rode on top of a mysteries beast that seemed to be invincible, and the most obvious he had a white skin color. To an isolated group of individuals this man was the god Quetzalcoatl. The god Quetzalcoatl was thought of by the Aztecs as the god that would save all people. After losing a game of talchtli, the winner "the god of night" sent Quetzalcoatl to the east. While leaving he said that he would return to save his people from the end of the world. Cortes who was thought to be a savior was brought into the community and worshiped. Cortes used the hatred for the Aztecs supplied by the many overruled tribes the area to defeat the Aztecs. Cortes gathered the tribes and invaded the capital Tenochititlan in 1519. Montezuma was taken prisoner when the invasion began. After taking him hostage Cortes used Montezuma and ruled through him to control the people.

http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/aztecs1.asp With the rise of a new leader, the
Aztecs began to fight the Spaniards. The Spanish sent more Spanish conquistadors to fight. The Aztecs would not surrender and fought for many days. Inevitably, the Spanish would win and the Aztecs surrendered to them. Many soldiers from both sides died. Although the Aztecs greatly outnumbered the spanish, they could only fight certain battles. The Aztecs were good at hand to had combat and even though the spanish had superior weapons and tactics, the Aztecs could fend off most attacks. But the most dangerous weapon the Spanish brought and didn't think about was disease. The diseases such as small pox and measles which the spanish grew immune to did the most damage to the highly susceptible Aztecs. Having never been exposed to these foreign illnesses the Aztecs population was thought to have decreased 3/4. With better weapons and fewer enemies than before the spanish were able to take over the Aztec civilization. End result of Montezuma and the empire It is known that Montezuma was killed in the battle of the Spanish vs. Aztecs but what is not known is who killed him. Some believe that it was his own people that thought he ruined the civilization others believe that it was the Spanish who may have grown tired and ran out of uses for the leader, but the out come of either is the same. As for the civilization as a whole, most were forced into Catholicism and spanish colonies were built.
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