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THE electromagnetic spectrum

No description

lewis crockart

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of THE electromagnetic spectrum


*some uses
Radio waves
radio waves ar commonly produced naturally by ( things within out atmosphere) anything from radio transmitters to home tvs and mobile phones to things outside of our atmosphere such as the sun and other stars Uses include anything as common as your moblie phone and radio to telescopes. They can be detected by anything from a radio dish to the surprisingly common seeley detector
The sources of microwaves include, a microwave(oven that is), the sun (repetitive much ?) and as can be expected there practital us eis cooking food in a short amount of time.Detectors are microwave telescopes
Sources of infared(told you this was going to get repetitive) Include your Tv remote and (you'll never guess) the sun.
it is used for termal imaging, wireless sending and reciebing aswell as many forms on night vision.DEtectors include : you(in the form of heat) and the sensor bars in your v.
Visible light
Sources of visible light. well.... everything you can see.Uses include...... seeing.Detectors.The eye and cameras and telescopes and light gates ect.
Ultra violet
Sources of ultra violet include the sun.Electric arc welders and many others.Uses fraud money detection aka black lights and many medidal aspects.Detectors . some species of insect and birds and simple silicone diodes .
Sources are the sun , Xray machines.uses inslude radio-ography and recieving xrays for broken bones.detectors You is you are exposed enough and photo film.
gamma rays
sources the sun and CAT scan machines .Uses are radiotherapy and CAT scans.DEtectors incluse your body an giger-muller tubes
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