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david meyer

on 9 October 2009

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Transcript of Purina

900,000 unique visitors a month
Projected 13.5 mm unique visitors in the next year 180,000 "Search Saver" email addresses
collected in the next year Over 1 million "Search Saver" e-mails
sent out each month 8,150 animal shelters, humane societies,
SPCAs and pet rescue groups 140,000 pets posted 100,000 e-newsletter subscribers 9,300 volunteers Many people care about animal welfare Hundreds of millions of $ GIVEN AWAY
People will purchase a feeling
Adopters are passionate about adoption and
will become advocates if they can make
a difference
The internet allows bottom-up marketing, but
campaigns and messaging must be authentic
and ripe for virility
Virility often requires light or no corporate branding
in the viral vehicle
Shelter workers are influencers
Shelter workers are passionate about adoption and
can become brand advocates if they also believe
in the quality of the nutrition
Vet staff are influencers
Vet staff are passionate about adoption and
can become brand advocates if they also believe
in the quality of the nutrition
Other companies will promote Adopt-a-Pet.com and
its campaigns at not cost to us because of the cause Relevant content on admin pages
Weekly shelter stats e-mail
Monthly shelter e-newsletter
Trade shows/conferences Relevant content on web pages
Light content in Search Saver e-mails
Toll-free phone line message Quarterly e-newsletter
Powered pet searches
Volunteer database
Billboards and PSAs
Social media campaigns
PR campaigns
Integrated cross-platform PR campaigns

12,000 Shelters 9,000,000 Adopters/Intenders 60,000,000 AW involved Other Adopt-a-Pet.com Assets Web expertise
Social media expertise
Animal welfare expertise
Dr. Pia Salk
Polling shelters/intenders to create news stories
Shelter relations
Creation of viral web campaigns
Creation of web/broadcast content
Celebrity implied endorsement
Third-party credibility
Brand distinction
Brand loyalty
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