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Undertanding by Design and planning 5E lessons

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grinell smith

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Undertanding by Design and planning 5E lessons

Understanding by Design
Universal Backward Design
The 5E
inquiry science lesson

It's great for planning units of instruction.

It also works really well for individual lessons.
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 1
What's to be learned?
How will you know it's been learned?
What will your instruction look like?
1. Engage
2. Explore
3. Explain
4. Extend (or Elaborate)
5. Evaluate
Putting UBD and 5E together
An Activity: The Inverted Cup

Experience the activity
Reverse-Engineer the Lesson Plan using UBD
Reverse-Engineer the Lesson Plan using the 5E frame
1. What is the context? (who/where/when/why)
2. What might be an Enduring Understanding?
3. (What might be a connection to content standard?)
4. What will you accept as evidence that you're students have learned what you want to teach them?
5. What will you do to prepare them to give that evidence? (In other words, what will your lesson look like?)
1. Plan each "E" in light of UBD.
2. Consider how the last "E" of day 1 relates to the first "E" of day 2.
3. etc.
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