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Branding with Digital Signage

Marketing Your Business Locally On Digital Screens

Harry Cordiano

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Branding with Digital Signage

The "Tip of the Iceberg"
of what's to come! Branding with
Digital Signage and just getting started here
in the United States Already a $9 Billion Global Business Digital Signage Has Been Very Successful in Asia Remember "Blade Runner" with Harrison Ford? This movie illustrated what outdoor signage would look like in the future. Now we're ready to start experiencing
what was predicted 30 years ago. Gone Will Be Static Billboards In Europe,
The United Kingdom
and Germany
Have Experienced
Tremendous Growth
In The Last Two Years They're Dated and Don't Look Appealing Anymore Same With Print Media No Longer Sustainable With
the Internet and the Digital Age Digital Signage Advertisement Is Already
Starting to Replace The Over-Used,
Older-Style Print and Billboard Ads Digital Signage Is Also Being
Brought Indoors and Used
Strategically In Businesses Saves Trees
Keeps Content Relevant
Reduces Set-Up and Editing Costs
Looks Contemporary
Keeps Running Repeatedly
Ideally Placed In Front of Customers
Geared Towards Specific Markets It's The Sign Of The Times Over Time, Technology Has Gotten Cheaper.
Server Space Has Also Increased In Size to
Accommodate, Run and Make
Immediate Changes To Digital Screens Affording Smaller Businesses The Ability
To Utilize This New Form Of Marketing Media Pete's Hardware, Castro Valley Ads Are Run 5-6 Times Every Hour
60-72 Times Everyday
7 Days A Week
Over 21,000 Times Every Year
Consistently, Running Over and Over
In Front of Thousands of Potentially New and Repeating Customers
Affordable Local Advertising
Keeps Content Relevant and Up To Date Marketing Advantages of a Digital Screen Calculations Based on a 12 Hour Day, 360 Days Per Year Point of Sale (registers)
Point of Wait (lines)
Point of Transfer (Entrances/Exits) Where Digital Screens Are Placed Who reads this stuff? Much Better Than Traditional
Print Ads That Are Mailed,
Not Often Read, & Thrown Away Typically, Print Media Provides
Only A 1%-2% Response Rate Digital Signage Is Better and Efficient,
While Print Media Only Gives Businesses a "One Shot" Opportunity
To Get Their Message To a Customer It's a Huge Dilemma!
Advertising With Limited Results Regardless, businesses have to keep advertising
to maintain consistent growth to survive.

In this economy, it's very important they get
the best and most marketing exposure
for their advertising dollar. How Much Does It Cost? $1,500 For 12 Months
Per Screen Location
In a Venue That Attracts 300+ People Per Day
7 Days A Week
Enough Impressions To Brand Your Products and Services Throughout The Year
Multiple Screen Discounts Available and $1,000 For 6 Months .
The first 10 businesses that are ready to "Brand" themselves,
will receive an immediate discount for taking the initiative. BUT WAIT! For the newer screens being installed...
the first 10 branding ads signed up will receive
special introductory price promotions. Included will be free FLASH motion and video streaming in your message
4 - 5 times the frequency rate since your message will be one of the first ones displayed Please Call For Special Pricing $599 for 6 Months For More Information or To Order
Please Contact Us at
Hometown Branding
http://www.hometownbranding.com With the Fastest Growing Market in China It's Here Locally in Castro Valley Join Us and Jump Into the Future of Digital Advertising According to Advertising Age
Digital Media has more than 10 times the visual contact than traditional advertising
40%+ of consumers can recall a brand they saw on digital media screens
Digital signage brand recall stands at 48% versus 23% for newspaper, 13% for television and 15% for all other forms.
Digital Media is exploding, and is quickly becoming the next standard for reaching potential consumers. http://www.tested.com/news/opinion/2493-whats-in-store-for-the-future-of-digital-signage-advertising/ Digital signage can be updated instead of thrown away.
Digital signage can be interactive
and actually engage the audience.
Combine those advantages with massive foot traffic
and you’re looking at a potentially lucrative industry.
Some companies are already shifting their efforts from
online advertising to digital signage Through the Consistency of a Digital Screen Ad, A Business Will Ultimately Brand Their Message Locally Digital Digital Screen Sample in Arizona Supported with Local Advertisement and Paying Over and Over Again Add Mobile Marketing to the Digital Screen Message, and Kick Up Even More Business All In One Marketing with Trumpia.com Similar To What These Companies Have Done
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