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September 11th 2001 Terroists Attacks

No description

Gene Porcelli

on 22 October 2017

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Transcript of September 11th 2001 Terroists Attacks

September 11th 2001 Terrorist Attacks
Al Qaeda
The Global War
on Terrorism

Aftermath of 9/11
Heightened Security and Gov. Surveillance
Early morning Tues 9/11/01, four commercial airliners hijacked.
World Trade

The Pentagon, VA
Flight 93, PA
8:46am, AA Flight 11 crashes into North Tower of NYC
16 min later, 9:02am UA flight 175 crashes into South Tower
2nd crash caught on live tv
9:37am AA Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon
10:03am UA Flight 93 is brought down in a crash landing by its passengers fighting back over Shanksville PA
Structural damage to both the North and South Towers caused them to collapse.
AA Flight 77 crashed into the west side of the Pentagon, collapsing part of one side
United Flight 93 was targeted to crash into the U.S. Capitol Building or the White House, but due to passenger intervention that plan was foiled.
2,998 people died that day, and more than 6,000 people were injured.
The largest attack on United States soil since Pearl Harbor.
The Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda and their leader Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility
Osama bin Laden - Leader
Born in Saudi Arabia to a wealthy family.
Moved to Afgahnistan/Pakistan border to fight Soviet Invasion in 1980s
Believed the US should withdraw its military forces from all Islamic countries and withdraw support from Israel.
Until it does, he swore to continue a holy war, or "jihad", against the US
He stated Muslims will kill any civilians or military personnel until the United States complies.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammad - Mastermind
Identified as "the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks" by the 9/11 Commission Report.
Also responsible for planning 1993 World Trade Center bombing
Captured in Pakistan on March 1, 2003
Currently imprisoned at Guatonomo Bay, Cuba, awaiting trial, and if convicted, he faces the death penalty.
Ahmed Shah Massoud
Afghani military leader who fought
the Taliban movement
Osama bin Laden had him assassinated two days before 9/11 to gain protection from the Taliban, and to get cooperation from Afghanistan after deploying the 9/11 plot
In April 2001 he warned the European Union that the Taliban had become friendly with al-Qaeda, and that a large-scale terrorist attack was looming.
Much of the evidence was obtained through torture. Because of this, guilty verdict not certain
The GWOT was launched by president G. W. Bush in response to the September 11 attacks
This resulted in an international military campaign to eliminate al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups anywhere and everywhere they exist across the globe
Mostly US/UK led, other NATO and some non-NATO counties (Like Pakistan) have joined in
The GWOT has no definitive location, enemy countries, or end game goals
"Operation Enduring Freedom" - (The War in Afganistan)
9 days after 9/11, Bush issues ultimatum to the Taliban: Turn over all al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan to the US, or else.
A large-scale military operation was launched and led by the US
Main mission: capture Osama bin Laden, destroy al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban govt from Afghanistan
US met with initial success, but since then, Taliban forces have regained some strength and continue a guerilla war
May 2011, US Seals track down and kill bin Laden
Longest war in US history. Oct 7, 2001 - Present
16 years, 1 week, 5 Days
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Saddam Hussein was the only world leader to applaud the 9/11 attacks
Bush feared Hussein would supply Al Qaeda with chemical weapons for an even worse terrorist attack
March 2003, US gave ultimatum: Hand over "WMDs" or else
2 phase war:
1. US vs Iraq Army (short)
2. US vs hidden Insurgency (long)
Saddam captured, put on trial, and executed by the Iraqi people, Dec 2006
US handed over control back to the Iraqis in 2011
Other Operations
Dept of Homeland Security
Stricter TSA
Patriot Act
Immediate Public Response
Bush approve rating jumps to 92% after attacks
Surge of patriotism, rallying behind those affected by attacks
NYPD/NYFD shirts/hats worn around the country
NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani named Time Magazine's person of the year, later becomes initial Republican front runner for 2008 pres election
Effects on US Economy
Wall Street Shut down until Sept 17
Dow Jones Ind. Average dropped 1,369.7 points (14.3%) in one week. Largest drop in history, but soon recovered
Longest stock exchange closure since the great depression
Health Effects
Many first responders and survivors have an increased amount of reported respiratory problems and lung cancer
Effects on Children
More than 10,000 children lost a parent on 9/11. Some lost both parents in the attacks.
Schools in the Washington, D.C., and NYC areas closed immediately.
Images on television, being replayed repeatedly, emotionally damaged many children as they watched their parents die over and over again
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