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Ford Fiesta Case Study

No description

Julia McGowen

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Ford Fiesta Case Study

Ford Fiesta- Effortless Technology Overview Objectives
The Ford Fiesta was recognized for its intuitive technological features but Ford wanted to reach a wider audience
Fashion, Style and Tech circles (early adopters)
Digital campaign
Online media
Traditional media Efforts Results The biggest photography competition ever

The Ford Fiesta was Europe's top-selling small car and No. 2 best-selling car overall during the first four months of 2012, according to JATO Dynamics

The Fiesta's interactive Website drew over 1.8 million visitors, 28% configured their own Fiesta, and over 6,000 booked a test drive

TV ad registered as Ford's highest emotional score ever Results Landon Hester, Haleigh Garcia,
Ashley Seals, Julia McGowen Overall the campaign was highly successful
High amount of participation and traffic to social media outlets
High sales of the Ford Fiesta
Business outcomes more important than social outputs (Burcher)

Ford set a specific, measurable goal and kept it in mind when creating and carrying out the campaign
Used platforms that could be easily measured (Facebook analytics, Statigram, Web hits, emotional ratings, etc.) Analysis Blue Hive marketing firm and Ford created the successful, Effortless Technology, branding campaign to promote Ford’s all new, cutting-edge Fiesta, centered around the Fiesta's high-tech features

The most successful component of the campaign was the #Fiestagram contest, which combined Facebook and photo sharing app, Instagram More than 16,000 photos were submitted to the Fiestagram contest.

During the six-week campaign, Ford gained more than 120,000 new Facebook fans across Europe.

Ford also saw hundreds of thousands of visitors to the campaign hub on Facebook each week, many with particularly high dwell times, indicating that they were browsing through the albums of submissions. Burcher's questions to ask when measuring success:
Did the effort increase the number of people aware of the company's products, if so by how many?
Did the marketing effort make people want to buy more from the company?
Did this media effort increase the likelihood that a person will ultimately buy? Analysis
Choice of Instagram
Application their target market was using
Built upon what Ford already had in place
Encouraged friends and followers to tag related photos
Reached out to noted professionals in relevant industries to judge & the influential Instagramer network
Simplicity & cohesiveness
Alignment of activities across social networks
Media plan integration
Traditional media + social media
Social qualities Keys to success: Ford asked Instagram users around Europe to upload photos in six different categories, each one representing one of the car’s high-tech features

Ford sought to bring attention to the Fiesta’s features among people in fashion, style and tech circles, so that the Fiesta would be top-of-mind when they became ready to buy a new vehicle to complement their busy, tech-intensive lives Overview Social Media Campaign
Photography Competition
Hashtags – Focusing on the Fiesta’s technologies
#Starting, #Hidden, #Music, #Entry, #Listening, #Shapes
#Fiestagram tab Efforts (2012). Ford Fiesta: Effortless technology. Blue Hive. Retrieved from

Burcher. (2012). Measurement.

Klamm, Dan. (February 2, 2012). How Ford used
Instagram to promote the Fiesta's high-tech features. Mashable. Retrieved from http://mashable.com/2012/02/02/ford-fiesta-instagram/

(October 10, 2011). Ford Teams up with Instagram and
Facebook to launch the #Fiestagram photo competition. Ford. Retrieved from http://media.ford.com/news/fordteamsupwithinstagramandfacebooktolaunchthefiestagramphotocompetition.htm Sources
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