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No description

Angie Martinez

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Christopher Marlowe
English playwright
Translator of the Elizabethan era
Believed to have been hired by Walsingham as a spy, and that his death was an assassination
Others think that Christopher Marlowe faked his death, changed his name to William Shakespeare and continued to write plays
Elizabethan and Shakespeare
By: Brianna Hairston, Angie Martinez, Gabriel Davis, Mckenzie Chilton, Breanna Wilson, Emmalee Hart

William Shakespeare
Elizabethan Playhouse
Refers to the theatre of England between 1562 and 1642.
Provided indoor venues for the production of Elizabethan plays
Was the style of plays by William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe and Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
Ben was born on July 11,1572 in London
His father was a minister and he died shortly before his birth and his mother remarried a bricklayer.
in 1594 he married Anne lewis and began to work as an actor and a playwritter
His friends called themself the Tribe of Ben
Ben died August 6, 1637
Shakespeare Globe Theatre
Works Cited
Gender on Stage
The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare
It was built in 1599 by his playing company Lord Chamberlain's Men
Women acting was illegal
Young boys played the parts of female characters
It was rebuilt in 1614 and performs shakespearses plays even today
Biography.com Editors. "William Shakespeare." <i>Bio.com</i>. A&amp;E Networks Television, n/a. Web. 16 Sept. 2015.
Lone character speaks thoughts out loud
Can have other characters on stage, but they are not addressed during the soliloquy
slide 10 picture http://cristianaziraldo.altervista.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Shakespeares-Globe-Theatre.jpg
slide 9 info link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globe_Theatre
Stratford-upon-Avon,United Kingdom
Poet & Playwright
King's New School
Greatest dramatist of all time
Anne Hathaway, 26
3 Childern, lost 1
slide 8 : http://www.bardstage.org/elizabethan-playhouses.htm
slide 3: http://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poet/ben-jonson
"Christopher Marlowe Facts." Christopher Marlowe Facts. James, 15 Jan. 2013. Web. 16 Sept. 2015.
The Humors

In the human body, the interaction of the four humors explained differences of age, gender, emotions, and disposition. The influence of the humors changed with the seasons and times of day and with the human life span. Heat stimulated action, cold depressed it. The young warrior’s choler gave him courage but phlegm produced cowards. Youth was hot and moist, age cold and dry. Men as a sex were hotter and drier than women.
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