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Water Is Life: First World Problems PSA

No description

Umer Mirza

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Water Is Life: First World Problems PSA

First World
Problems What we think are problems are they really
problems or they just annoyances that we
perceive as problems? The many problems
we have on a day to day basis are just little
things that we think are problems. Problems. We have many day to day "problems", like "I forgot my phone charger," or "I hate when my cornflakes get soggy," these arn't really problems, there are a lot more real problems out there and the people who have to deal with these real problems, are the people that have the right to complain. We probably don't even know the problems and distress of actually having problems, we don't know the sadness experienced, we don't know anything. Our problems are only problems because we make them problems. So now you wonder, "What are real
Problems then?", Well, i shall tell
you. One of the biggest problems
going on right now is water, yeah,
water. The clear liquid stuff that
comes out of you taps. Many people, in many countries don't have clean
water to drink; did you know that the water in your
Toilet Bowl is cleaner than the water that 1.1
people have to drink. Now think, what is more of a
problems, that your corn flakes are soggy , or that
1.1 billion people have to drink water that is
dirtier than the water in your toilet bowl. And sadly, that isn't the only problem, there are a bunch of little problems that go along with it. 6,500 people will die each day. 5,000 of these people are children. All these people will die because they did not have clean drinking water. So, people think, "Well, we have so much water on earth, I mean 75% f the earth is water , how can people die of not having water?", well the thing is that even though the earth is 75% water, LESS THAN 1% IS DRINKABLE WATER!, yeah, less than 1%, all that water and you cant even drink it, ironic isn't it? Solutions So now you must be like, "So what am i supposed
to do, huh?", well first of all, stop complaining,
always remember, there is ALWAYS someone out
there that has it WAY worse than you, and second,
Ty to help people with problems, you can help thm solve theirs, make a new friend, or even solve your own in the process! So What Can You Do? First World Problems Are Not Problems.
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