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No description

Marria Ahmed

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Borders

Character types Round character-There is one round character in this story it is the boy who talks about his mom crossing the borders.

Laetitia the oldest daughter is a flat character because she only shows one or two personality traits that don't change in the whole story.

There mothers a static character because a characters personality outlook doesn't change. Antagonist and Protagonist The protagonist of the story is the mom because she fights for her nationality while crossing the border she doesn't say if she's either Canadian or American she says Blackfoot.

The antagonist in the story are the borders because they won't let the mom go acroos the border until she tells them which side she's from either Canada or the US. The problem in the story is when the mother argues with the guard about going to U.S to see her daughter. The climax is when the reporters arrive. The solution is when the guards allowed the mother to go through the border
A native woman from Canada who wants to visit her daughter, who lives in the USA, is stopped at the US-Canada border and asked her nationality. She says she's neither American nor Canadian but native, so that causes a controlling hassle in which she is not allowed to move from the border crossing. It makes the news and the authorities are properly mortified about how such a thing could happen. The setting takes place in the borders
between US and Canada. The setting Plot The Theme One theme could be identity, yet It would not be racism because they were not treated improperly just because of there race. Also the title has two main roles for the theme. The physical representation is the U.S and Canada border. Second is that the border that the society has imposed on the minority groups. Symbols The symbolism is that theUS and Canadian border is used as the representation of the story.
Also the border society has used on minority groups like Blackfoot citizens. Borders by Thomas King Point of view Summary Flashbacks The flashbacks tell the narrator about the circumstances that has led to this situation at the border and how it has finally ended up. The narrators limited view does not show any of the thoughts, and the one who is reading this is wondering why does the mother want to see her daughter in the first place. The point of view is
third person because the boy in the story is
narrating it.
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