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No description

Jason Edwards

on 25 July 2018

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Transcript of Trust

What do you bring to work?
What do you tend to put in the gap?
Why is trust important?
Why is it hard to trust?
life-giving blood
of trust in relationships must be protected because a small cut will suffice to drain the strength of and even ‘kill’ a team."
-Robbins & Finley in
Why Teams Don't Work
(p. 158)
“We judge ourselves by our

and others by their
-Stephen Covey in
The SPEED of Trust
“Trust is equal parts
character and competence
... You can look at any leadership failure, and it's always a failure of one or the other [or both].”
What do you need to let go of (forgive)?
is like taking poison
and hoping the other person dies."
-St. Augustine
"Serve out of your
rather than your
-Paraphrasing an educational workshop title
What do you tend to put in the gap?
-Stephen Covey in
The SPEED of Trust
1. What aspects of culture &/or trust do you see as most important? Why?

2. What are some ways that our team can cultivate and protect trust?

3. "Time and risk grow trust." Do you think this applies to our work together?

4. Can we say to each other, 'Your name is safe in my mouth'? Does this matter?
Every Person Has a Story
Jason Edwards
-2000's: A longitudinal study of 400 Chicago elementary schools shows the central role of relational trust in building effective education communities.
March 2003 | Volume 60 | Number 6
Creating Caring Schools Pages 40-45
-1980's: Trust vs. Qualifications (2 similar schools)
Low Trust = 1-in-7 chance of improving learning

High Trust = improved Reading by 8% and Math by 20%

Schools with chronically weak trust had virtually no chance of improving in either reading or mathematics.
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