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Ender's Game – The Hero's Journey

10/14 Stages of the Hero's Journey

Eric Ou

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game – The Hero's Journey

Crossing the Threshold
This stage happens when Ender arrives at the Battle School with his group of Launchies.
Master of The Two Worlds
Ender has become the master of the two worlds, the first one being battle school, the second one being the Bugger world.
Context and Explanation
Ender is the protagonist of the story and Graff is his aid in the journey to the Battle School which is in space which is very unknown and scary for Ender. He must leave all of his family and friends to go there. Graff is the principal of the school and he makes Ender feels very comfortable to go the the Battle School. On the trip there Graff excludes Ender from the rest of the students.
Ender's Game – The Hero's Journey

The Call to Adventure
The Ordinary/Mundane World
The ordinary or mundane world in Ender's Game is his home on Earth with his loving sister Valentine.
Ender is called to adventure when an officer from the IF (International Fleet) comes to Ender's front door and "invites" him to go to battle school.
Chapter 3
"But the officer stood up and stepped across the room to Ender. He held out his hand. 'My name is Graff, Ender. Colonel Hyrum Graff. I'm director of primary training at Battle School in the Belt. I've come here to invite you to enter the school.'" (Card, 19)
Chapter 4
"A voice over the speaker told them they were approaching the school; it took them twenty minutes to decelerate and dock. Ender lagged behind the others. They were not unwilling to let him be last to leave the shuttle, climbing upward in the direction that had been down when they embarked. Graff was waiting at the end of the narrow tube that led from the shuttle into the heart of the Battle School." (Card, 34)
Chapter 4
"Ender smiled back. He felt comfortable with Graff. Graff was good. And he was principal of the Battle School. Ender relaxed a little. He would have a friend there."(Card, 30)
Chapter 5
"'...Follow the lighted dots on the floor. Your color is red yellow yellow—whenever you're assigned a path to follow, it will be red yellow yellow, three dots side by side—go where those lights indicate...'" (Card, 39)
Ender's aid comes from Colonel Graff, who really cares about Ender, but isolates him so Ender can do his best.
Connection to Hero's Journey
This is a key moment to the Hero's Journey because Ender is about to make a key step into his journey. It is very key that Graff is there to separate him so that he will learn to overcome challenges and the isolation of other students. If Graff wasn't there Ender might not have been able to reach his full potential as a commander.
By: Alex Ling, Dhansuh Nadella, Eric Ou, Alex Wen and Daniel Yang
Supreme Ordeal
The supreme ordeal is when Ender is faced with his "Final Exam" which was the actual attack on the Buggers.
After destroying the Bugger's homeworld, Ender moves to the Bugger World, where he begins to understand them more to the point he writes a book about the hive-queen called Speaker for the Dead.
Road of trials/Approach
Ender faces many trials such as his game with the older boys, joining the salamander army, and getting his own army.
Connection To Hero's Journey
This is one of the key stages of the Hero's Journey, as the hero must go into a new, unfamiliar world filled with the unknown. For Ender, it would be going to the battle school, which he has never been to nor experienced.
Context and Explaination
After Ender confronts Colonel Graff, and goes with him, along with other newcomers, or launchies, they arrive at the new place called battle school. Here, Ender crosses the threshold and arrives at the new world. At the battle school, he must adapt to its ways and learn the art of war and commanding.
Context and Explanation
After years in battle school and after command school, all his severe "training" by the teachers all comes to this last battle which holds the fate of the two species, the Buggers and Humans. The only thing is, Ender thinks it's a game.
Chapter 15
"He worked hard on the new world. He quickly learned the differences between military and civilian leadership, and governed by persuasion rather than fiat, and by working as hard as anyone at the tasks involving in setting up a self-sustaining economy." (Card, 314)
Connection to the Hero's Journey
This is Ender's final and most difficult challenge as he is outnumbered and he unintentionally sacrifices a few ships because he thought it was a game.

Chapter 14
"For this to be a fair test of ability... today's battle introduces a new element. It is staged around a planet. This will affect the enemy's strategy, and will force you to improvise....The enemy outnumbered him a thousand to one.."(Card, 290, 292)
Context and Explaination
Ender has won the third invasion, in which he destroyed the bugger home world. Now he goes to their home world to expand human civilization to the bugger world.
Connection to the Hero's Journey
This stage is when Ender defeats the Buggers and also becomes the best leader of the Battle School. He is respected and hated at the Battle School, by his fellow classmates and his enemies. His commanding skills eventually make him arrive at the Command School, not Pre-Command, but Command School, and there he battles the buggers. Not only did he conquer the bugger's world and be the master, he also "conquered" Battle School making him master of both worlds.
Context and Explanation
This is where Ender is pulled toward his first step in becoming a commander. He is being invited to go to the Battle School which is a school where talented kids learn how to become soldiers and commanders to fight in the 3rd Bugger War.
Connection to the Hero's Journey
This is definitely the Call to Adventure. Ender is being set forth and drawn by his own desire to go to the Battle School which will be his first step in commanding a fleet to fight the buggers.
Chapter 15
"The book that Ender wrote was not long, but it in it was all the good and all the evil that the hive-queen knew. And he signed it, not with his name, but with a title: SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD"(Card, 322)
Context and Explanation
Ender at first didn't know anything about his enemies, "the Buggers," and assumed they were enemies, but after destroying their homeland, he begins to think about how the Bugger Queens were also living beings, with feeling, emotions, thoughts, etc.
Connection to Hero's Journey
This is where Ender has changed most significantly after the Supreme Ordeal. He starts off by looking at the Buggers as alien and unfamiliar to "beings" that have emotion and that he can relate to.
Chapter 1
" Anything I say will make it worse. So I will saying nothing....'We're people, not thirds, turd face. You're about as strong as a fart.'... 'I'll play,' Ender said. 'You be the bugger,' said Peter. 'Let him be the astronaut for once,' said Valentine. 'Keep your fat face out of it, fart mouth.' said Peter"
(Card, 6-11).

Context and Explanation
Ender faces bullying and harassment from Peter and from others. Peter bullies Ender because Ender has the monitor longer than he had. It seems that Ender has been tortured by Peter for a long time without his parents knowing. Valentine seems to be his only ally and friend and he holds her closely.
Connection to Hero Journey
This shows that before the adventure Ender is rather calm and thoughtful about anything he does which is why he carefully thinks about all of his options before he attacks Stilson. He seems to be kind of intimidated when it comes to Peter. He also doesn't seem to be challenged or to fit into his world, and the onnly thing that may keep him from going is Valentine.
Chapter 5, 7, 10
" 'Kill the squirt quick and lets get on with it.'... 'So of course, of course I am given such a useless, untrained, hopeless specimen of underdevelopment such as your self.'... Almost thirty of his soldiers were new, straight out of their launch groups"(Card, 47, 76, 157).
Context and Explanation
Ender is eager to play against the older boys in the game and challenges them. They first reject him and speak rudely but respect him after he beats them.

Ender recently is transferred to the Salamander army and is already despised by Bonzo until he leaves the army.
Ender sees his new army filled with many launchies, he is disappointed because many of them are underage and not very good; he will have to start from chapter 1 to teach them.
Connection to the Hero Journey
These are all trials because Ender has trouble or is stumped at these points and is forced to think his way around the situation. At first Ender is not very good at the game but eventually gets the hand of the game and beats the older kids. Bonzo troubles Ender by restricting him, but he eventually gets out of the army and goes to a better position. Ender's Dragon army is terrible with all the launchies but, he trains them well and forms a formidable army.
Chapter 6
"...Alai grinned. 'Lets go get Bernard and Shen and freeze these bugger lovers.....the four of them sat whooping and laughing until Dap came in.....(Card, 61)"
Chapter 5
"'It does to me.' Dap picked up the nearest desk, which happened to belong to the boy bunked above Ender.....smiled slightly and gave back the desk. (Card, 51)"
Chapter 5
"Bernard was setting up a kingdom.....as Bernard established the hierarchy....some of the boys were willing servants.....(Card, 48-49)"
Context and Explanation
Ender has made friends with Dap and the others after being clever and standing up for himself. It helps that he knows how to crack the system to gain popularity and to put down his enemies.
Connection with Hero's Journey
This connects to the Hero Journey because Ender is making allies and friends to help him recover after the approach and to gain support for the supreme ordeal.
Context and Explanation
Bernard was setting up control of the group of Launchies, and since Ender decided that he did not like this guy up front, he refused to cringe under Bernard's rule, thus making an enemy of Bernard.
Connection with Hero's Journey
This connects to the Hero Journey because before the supreme ordeal and after the threshold, the hero always encounters some kind of enemy or detriment in his way; in this case his first one is Bernard, which he defeats.

Ender encounters allies and friends along the way who help him through the approach and help him prepare for the supreme ordeal.
Before the supreme ordeal and after the approach which are a detriment to him fighting the ordeal and succeeding in his mission.
Protagonist: Ender(Andrew Wiggin)
6 years old boy
"third" (thought to be morally wrong)
after 2nd bugger world (War between Humans and Buggers
futuristic world
Where: Greensboro, North Carolina
Peter (Jealous that Ender
Valentine(Loving and Caring)
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