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Teaching Teachers: Implementing Social Media in the Classroom

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Sarah Di Francesco

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Teachers: Implementing Social Media in the Classroom

Teaching Teachers: Implementing Social Media in the Classroom & Curriculum
Teachers can have students use Tumblr to blog about authors, texts, research topics, projects etc.
Teachers can use Twitter to teach students how to propagate

Tumblr- Let`s make words speak LOUDER!
Twitter- Helping students get to the real point!
Facebook- used to connect people for good! (students & teachers).


Proper and appropriate media usage by students
through teachers in classroom lessons.


Teachers will learn all the necessary information about social media, how they can create and influence positive media relations between students and how media in the classroom can create learning opportunities.

2) Inappropriate Behavior
3) Anonymity
by Philip Larkin
Suspended lion face
Spilling at the centre
Of an unfurnished sky
How still you stand,
And how unaided
Single stalkless flower
You pour unrecompensed.

The eye sees you
Simplified by distance
Into an origin,
Your petalled head of flames
Continuously exploding.
Heat is the echo of your

Coined there among
Lonely horizontals
You exist openly.
Our needs hourly
Climb and return like angels.
Unclosing like a hand,
You give for ever.

Personal Profile- Teachers can help students take out their dirty laundry by bringing in fresh ideas.
-Educational Usages: FAKEBOOK for book,historical characters, make pages for advertisement projects & form groups for group work. Statuses can be updated to quotes, new words, fun facts etc.
Students can communicate and propagate world news, opinions, sports schedules etc.
Instagram- Because many students of the 21st century are visual learners.
Instagram should be used to promote a different sort of self esteem:
Artwork, Pic Poetry, time lines, our World etc.

Teachers can help promote ``selfies`` (student work) and get rid of Selfies....

Shakespeare Forever Blog- quotes, plays, posters, videos, commentaries etc.

Link for educational electronic resources (not a video):
TED talks :
Where this information was taken from:
Teachers can utilize the interest that students have in social media in order to engage students in class material and exchange ideas.
Students can use social media in order to share information with each other and promote understanding.
Encourage the students to ask questions when using social media, some students may feel more comfortable speaking their mind online rather than in front of a classroom.
It is also important to educate students on the appropriate use of social media and starting in class can help students understand much more efficiently thanks to proper instruction.
Waterloo Community School District:
Edmodo can be incorporated into classrooms through a variety of applications including Reading, Assignments, and Paper-studying. Current uses include posting assignments, creating polls for student responses, embedding video clips, create learning groups, post a quiz for students to take, and create a calendar of events and assignments
Students can also turn in assignments or upload assignments for their teachers to view and grade. Teachers can annotate the assignments directly in Edmodo to provide instant feedback.
Parents can also view this website, either under their child's username or they may create their own account. The Parent accounts allow parents to see their children's assignments and grades.
Teachers, subject to creating and maintaining parental records, could send alerts to parents about school events, missed assignments, and other important messages
- 41 suicides in North America linked to cyberbullying from 2003-2012
-explicit photos
When a student can hide behind a "screen name" or a pseudonym that doesn't represent their identity, there's a loss of accountability and suddenly the student is free to express whatever they'd like without consequences for themselves
A student can then
and become dangerous
ex: Formspring
is a question and answer based social website that allows users to ask questions about other users, anonymously.
It has been accused of encouraging cyber-bullying due to the anonymity of entries.
Natasha MacBryde,
committed suicide at age 15
due to an aggressive anonynomous
posting on Formspring
Workshop Activity:
Workshop Activity:
Workshop Activity:
Workshop Activity:
Step 1: Create an account on https://www.tumblr.com/
Step 2: Teach the teachers how to set privacy settings.
Step 3: We will use a short story that is common knowledge even if it is a children's story.
Step 4: Every teacher will be assigned a character and they will be speaking on their behalf.
By doing so the teachers will understand how to use Tumblr in order to have students engage with the novel.
Step 1: Create an account on https://www.facebook.com/
Step 2: Teach the teachers how to set privacy settings.
Step 3: We will use a short story that is common knowledge even if it is a children's story.
Step 4: Every teacher will be asked to write what they are feeling after the reading on a "status".
By doing so the teachers will understand how important reflection can be toward developing self- reflection in young adults.
Step 1: Create an account on https://www.instagram.com/
Step 2: Teach the teachers how to set privacy settings.
Step 3: We will ask the teachers to draw something while using their pens and share their images on Instagram.
Step 4: Every teacher will be asked to leave their comments and even "like" the picture.
By doing so the teachers will understand how important it is for young adults to learn to appreciate the work of others and maybe even learn to appreciate art.
Step 1: Create an account on https://twitter.com/‎
Step 2: Teach the teachers how to set privacy settings.
Step 3: We will have the teaches watch a short video.
Step 4: Every teacher will be asked to leave their comments and thoughts on their Twitter account using hash-tags (#). These go between words you want to emphasize!
By doing this the teachers will learn to understand how young adults communicate and express themselves amongst one another.
EDMODO provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content and access homework grades and school notices.
The GOAL is to create a social learning platform for teachers, students and parents.

Google Doc
Facilitator's Guide:

The need for communicating social media in the classroom is beginning to be more prevalent in this day and age for the current and rising generations.

Workshops are a fun, easy and informative way to "teach" teachers how to use the social media their students are engaged with, as well as break the stereotype of social media being "dangerous" and "bad," showing it can be used for good and educational purposes.
Workshop Activity:
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