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Unit 1 Revision

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on 18 October 2017

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Transcript of Unit 1 Revision

b) Arguments for Belief in G-d
1. The Historical Argument
Point: Jews believe that G-d has protected and looked after them throughout history, helping them overcome impossible odds to defeat all of their enemies.

Evidence: An example of this is the 6 day war, in which the Israeli army overcame incredible odds to defeat 5 Arab armies/Jews freed from Egypt/Chanukah story etc.

Explanation: This help Jews believe in G-d because despite being persecuted throughout their history they have still been able to grow and thrive.
2. The Moral Argument
Point: Judaism believes in universal ethics (that everyone in the world has a basic understanding of right and wrong). An example of this is that murder of innocent people is wrong. This has been given to humanity by G-d and could not have come from any other source.

Evidence: G-d told the Jewish people "Do not murder" in Exodus.

Explanation: Every natural way to explain why humans do not murder can be disproven, therefore Jews believe these laws came from a supernattural being, G-d
3. The Cosmological Argument
4. The Teleological Argument
Point: If someone were to observe the universe and see that it is complex, it is impossible to think that it was created by accident.

Evidence: "Look at the stars and see that I created them" Isaiah.

Explanation: Jews believe that because the universe is complex it must have a designer that planned and created everything in it. That designer is G-d.
Point: Jews believe that G-d created the universe and "pushed the first domino" to start the process of the creation of the universe.

Evidence: The world is either eternal or created in time. If it is created in time, it undoubtedly has a creator who created it in time, Rambam.

Explanation: Jews believe that if there was a beginning point for the creation of the universe, e.g. The Big Bang, then there must of been something that started the process.
a) Nature of G-d
Unit 1 - Belief about G-d
c) Miracles
A miracle is:
The divine intervention by God in the universe by which the operations of the ordinary course of nature are overruled, suspended, or modified.
Open miracles - an extraordinary event showing divine intervention in human affairs in a
obvious way.

Closed miracles - an extraordinary event showing divine intervention in human affairs in a
subtle way.

National Miracles - a miracle that is performed for an entire nation e.g. splitting of the Red Sea

Personal Miracle - a miracle that is performed for an individual.
Reasons for G-d Performing Miracles
1) To prove his existence and power to humans e.g. asking Moshe to speak to a rock in order to get water.

2) To prove that an individual is a true prophet e.g. Moshe turning his staff into a snake/Gideon the prophet asking for signs from Hashem.

3) To save us e.g. ten plagues/splitting of the Red Sea etc.
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